Yet another innocent gun owner beset by unintended consequences

In New Jersey, a man got in big trouble for, well nothing he ought to be in trouble for. Chris, our source for all things JOISEY, explains

You can always trust the Keystone Kops of the Port Authority Police Department to keep New Jersey safe from legal gun owners. Utah resident Greg Revell made the mistake of traveling through Newark Airport with a legally owned, unloaded firearm in his checked luggage. He was on his way to Allentown, Pennsylvania but missed his connecting flight when the plane from Salt Lake City arrived too late.

It didn’t help that the airline had misdirected his luggage; the firearm which should have been checked through to Allentown was instead tagged for a final destination of Newark.

Then he met the crackerjack pension padding and taxi service squad we all know and love — the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police.

The next thing Greg Revell knew, he was under arrest and in a heap of legal and bureaucratic trouble.

The airline wanted to bus its passengers to Allentown, but Revell realized that his luggage had not made it onto the bus and got off. After finding his luggage had been given a final destination of Newark by mistake, Revell missed the bus. He collected his luggage, including his gun and ammunition, and decided to wait in a nearby hotel with his stuff until the next flight in the morning.

When Revell tried to check in for the morning flight, he again informed the airline officials about his gun and ammunition to have them checked through to Allentown. He was reported to the TSA, and then arrested by Port Authority police for having a gun in New Jersey without a New Jersey license.

He spent 10 days in several different jails before posting bail. Police dropped the charges a few months later. But his gun and ammunition were not returned to him until 2008.

Can you say “over-reaction”? Like the Brian Aitken case, Mr. Revell was merely passing through New Jersey. He followed all the federal rules pertaining to the transportation of firearms. And he still spent 10 days in the slammer just for being the victim of an airline snafu.

Revell said he should not have been arrested because federal law allows licensed gun owners to take their weapons through any state as long as they are unloaded and not readily accessible to people. He said it was not his fault the airline stranded him in New Jersey by making him miss his flight and routing his luggage to the wrong destination.

Prosecutors said it doesn’t matter whose fault it was: Revell was arrested in New Jersey with a readily accessible gun in his possession without a New Jersey license.

The madness of having so many laws that we all step on them everyday of our lives. Such a plethora of laws creates an atmosphere where we are not really free doesn’t it? Indeed, I believe it does. This is something I wish every governor in this nation, and every state legislature would tackle. Many laws ought to be, and could be repealed with relative ease. How about that for an idea? Actually repealing stupid laws, rather than writing and passing more needless laws!

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