Chris: Can The Jenn Sterger Sex Tape be far behind?

Chris at Wyblog ponders the images of Jenn Sterger, and the chances of more intimate details of her bedroom antics, and what role Bret Favre might play.

The NFL has thoroughly examined Jenn Sterger and her allegations of inappropriate sextual advances on the part of Brett Favre. And really, who wouldn’t want to thoroughly examine Jenn Sterger? Ms. Sterger, a former NY Jets game hostess, alleged that the future Hall of Fame quarterback sent her explicit text messages and photos, including a picture of a penis, during and after his tenure with the Jets.

But it wasn’t until Favre left the Jets for Minnesota that Sterger’s story got legs. The league immediately opened an investigation, which finally concluded today.

Brett Favre will be fined $50,000, not for any alleged misconduct, but for failing to “cooperate” with the NFL’s investigation.

Until such a taped appears enjoy these images of Ms. Sterger.

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