Your Merry Christmas Linkapalooza!

First we hear from The Reb, one of our Blogs of the Months. A Redneck Christmas? SURE!

Adrienne reminds us of the reason for the season

American Glob points to the “Flash Mobs” craze. As does Conservative Pup Gotta admit, I am not a fan of this.

Dave C gives us the  gift of a beautiful woman making beautiful music

Babalu has a thought provoking message

William Teach: Have a Rule 5 Christmas you pervs!

Political Junkie Mom: FOOD!

Jill: The man with the bag!


Dan Riehl: The true meaning is…….

Creative Minority Report: A Senator writes Santa

Right Klik: ON to Christmas

Verum Serum: If Joseph and Mary were on Facebook

Sentry Journal redoes a classic

The Resistance has Faith Hill

Western Hero: Charlie Brown

I linked Wyblog and all I got was this damned mug?

Yankee Phil is a shameless Rule 5 addict!

Lance has Celtic Christmas music

Teresamerica has funny tunes

The Lonely Conservative has the best Christmas music evah!

Pat: Christmas reading

Ah, Sister Toldjah, my first blogging crush! Where is that Mistletoe?

Cubachi has the interrogation of Santa Claus

Black Five has a Christmas message

Donald Douglas has ZOMBIES!

Blazing Cat Fur has an interesting assortment of goodies

Bring the Heat: Merry Christmas you Jihadi scum

Bob Belvedere: Merry Christmas Countdown! And more!

Cold Fury has smokes and Reagan!

I Own the World has a Christmas music poll

Dustbury has an interview with Santa

Fuzzy Logic has the sentiment!

Maggies Farm: Christmas Links!

Maggies Notebook:Hallelujah



MNR: Eat this hippy!

Minority Report: Have a Herman Cain Christmas!

Stevc recalls Christmas past

Liberal Guy has Christmas Toons!

Joy: Butchy Christmas?

Government Mess has the Obama as Grinch video

Mike of Fishersvile has the Christmas Table Fight!

Those Four Right Wing Wackos? They got your Carols~!

Common Cents has a tear jerker

Nice Deb: Merry Christmas Eve Eve?

Carol wishes us, well, you know


Richard Williams: Merry Christmas from Huckleberry Hollow!

And to close us out, we go to Theo Spark, our other Blog of the Month, comes a couple of Rule 5 Christmas treats that I could surely use to cheer me up this year! And from a friend of Theo, Stoned Owl comes a bevy of Christmas Rule 5, including this one. I do have a soft spot for those Asian eyes ya know,

16 thoughts on “Your Merry Christmas Linkapalooza!”

  1. OH. MY GOSH!! That is one of the hugest linky-loves I’m ever seen. I’m in total and complete awe…

    Merry Christmas, Doug and thanks for being such a great blogger buddy!

  2. A Belated Merry Ho Ho and thanks to you [we just got back from the Live Free Or Die state – felt like we belong there].

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