Bret Favre sits, streak ends at 297

Well, lots of folks will be joyous over this. All I can say is it was fun to watch.

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback finally gave in Monday to sports mortality, ending his consecutive starts streak at 297 games. He eluded the Four Horsemen for 19 years, steering through Death, Pestilence, Famine and War before they cornered him.

Favre, 41, will miss a game for the first time since Sept. 6, 1992, felled by a sprained SC joint near his right shoulder. The injury left him with numbness in his right hand all week and unable to throw with anything close to his normal velocity.

5 thoughts on “Bret Favre sits, streak ends at 297”

  1. I’d like to see him start one more game for the Vikings, play against the Packers in Green Bay, lose 54 to 0, get booed off the field, and never return to professional football again.

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