Pro-abort heartache: New Jersey approves “choose life” license plates

Chris at Wyblog has the scoop. The good guys did not back down, and they won!

The state spent seven years fighting against the plates because they didn’t want to get into a battle over abortion. But The Children First Foundation persistently refused to back down and contested the refusal in court. State statutes allow groups to use their logos and select a tag-line for their organizational plates. The Teamsters, sports teams, Freemasons, and hundreds of other groups already offer MVC-approved specialty plates.

It has always struck me as, odd in the extreme that the “pro-choice” folks are so quick to be outrageously outraged over someone saying the words choose life. Like I have said for years, abortion supporters use the term pro-choice, but only approve of certain choices. They are not truly for choice unless that choice is abortion. This is why they always go into panic mode when any state offers license plates with the words choose life.

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