If it is Sunday………..

Then it must be Rule 5 Sunday here at The DaleyGator, so here’s a salute to all those blogs celebrating hotness!

Crazy Asian Robot Babe at The Reb

Theo has games girls play as well as the Sunday Tottie

Donald Douglas, noted pervert, is always a sure bet for Rule 5, even when he is blogging about a serious story, or about Natatlie Portman’s infamous Lesbian scene in Black Swan, or about the wonder of Lucy Pinder’s breasts

An American Lion has some model named Xara, nice name

Blazing Cat fur has the scoop on the Slut Gene?

Bring the Heat brings us news on German biker chicks!

Bob Belvedere: With a name like Aria Giovanni, she must be SMOKING! Yes, Bob, yes indeed! Bob also features some other beauties

Matt has some linkage you need to see

Doug Powers features the Bimbo QB Tom Brady,and his Bimbo squueze!

Doug Ross checks out some cupcakes?

Jaime Jeffords has Jessica Stam.

Fountain Abbey: CATFIGHT!

Billy Bob has a thing for smoking hot goddesses!

Hookers and Booze: salute the Glute!

Hot Air presents the anti rule 5 or maybe I Own the World does? No, wait, JWF does! EGADS! Oh no, Paco takes the cake!

The Mind Numbed Robot does Rule 5 up right! Gemma Atkinson!

Dan Collins has bikini Shakespeare? and also, something for the ladies

William Teach, as usual, does a great blogless pinup post!

Over at Proof Positive, girls singing in bras is featured! Perverts! And Eva

Smash Mouth has a babe playoff of sort. Hmmm, now there is an idea

Brain Candy? Soylent Green has tons of it

Wyatt has some story about some lawsuit involving some bimbo in a schoolgirl outfit

Teresamerica has Cameron Diaz

The Current has some sort of ma crush on Geg Gutfeld

Stacy McCain, who started all this Rule 5 stuff to begin with ought to be ashamed of his blatant sexism, and then there is his picking on poor, poor, pathetic Barrett Brown, Charles Johnson’s cabana boy, who is too scared to debate his ideals, or act like any part of a man. Oh, no, I said offensive things about little Barrett, no doubt his lawyer will be contacting me now! OH NO!

Lance has Danicamainia!

Wicked Thoughts has Body Art!

Yankee Phil is all over Rule 5!

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