Ah yes, tis the season for political correctness

The war on Chritstmas, why do we continue to cater to these whiny little assclowns?

(NBC)– A Christmas tree in Ames High School’s cafeteria was taken down just two days after it was donated to the school for its winter dance. School officials say they removed the decoration after several phone calls stating it was “offensive.”

Ames school district officials call it a “winter tree,” but students say the tree was clearly a Christmas tree. Both described it as a pine tree decorated with cardinal and gold lights and ornaments. (sounds like they’re talking about the scene of a crime -ed)

Students say the tree went up on Monday, then suddenly taken down on Wednesday. All school officials would tell Channel 13 today was that they received several calls that the tree was “offensive.”

Officials declined our repeated requests for an on camera interview, but the district’s principal told The Tribune, “I didn’t want this to become a distraction that would take away from the precious time we have to educate students. We decided it would be best to take down the tree.”

“You can’t stop the world from celebrating. You shouldn’t be offended by the tree it was donated and we had to take it down. It was kind of heartbreaking. People liked tree in the lunch room,” says student Jay Hoskins.

“I didn’t find it offensive but I guess I could see why people would but I don’t think people did. I bet someone told their parents and they didn’t think it was a good idea in case someone did get offended,” says student Eric Jones.

I think Eric Jones hit the nail on the head.Pre-emptive PC!

2 thoughts on “Ah yes, tis the season for political correctness”

  1. Yahoo headlined a Chase bank branch that was ordered to remove their donated tree – same reason.

    Why are we pandering to the few wackos running around crying about being “offended?” Why, why, why.

    As to the high school? Every parent should pull their kid out of that school.

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