Bob Belvedere: Blogging Genius?

That is likely what it says on his business card! Who else but a genius could devise the ultimate weapon to ward off the ravages of Traffic Suckage Season? That weapon? Sofia Vergara attacked by Closet Lesbian

In a reverse of the shocking story we first broke in July, sources tell us that Miss Vergara was not — repeat not — attacked by a closeted woman of the Lesbianic persuasion.  Through her spokesman, Major Leeg Yabows, Sophia told Rule 5 News that she has no comment on the non-incident at this time.  Because of this and because we are in the midst of Holiday Traffic Suckage Season, The TCOTS Rule 5 Compliance Committee, in consultation with Robert Stacy McCain’s inner being, has decided to present the following pictures and links:

Bob you evil bastard! And, since the sincerest form of flattery is you know what…..

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