Flag Removed: Interview with school Superintendent — KTXL

KTXL FOX40 – This is simply unacceptablde! The “supervisor” who told the child to take the flag off should be fired! Luckily the outrage made the wimps and political correctors eat their words and retreat. And the kids who might cause problems over an American flag need to be dealt with, and if they cannot learn to be tolerant, they ought to be booted out of school! If safety is a concern, then by George punish those who use threats of violence, not those exercising their rights!

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2 thoughts on “Flag Removed: Interview with school Superintendent — KTXL”

  1. The Principal, the “campus supervisor” – whatever the fuck that is – and the Superintendent should all be force-fed broken glass until they die from internal hemorrhaging.

  2. And by the way, what a gigantic wussy of a grandfather this kid has. If this had been my kid or grandkid and some bureaucrat told him he couldn’t display a flag on his bike on school grounds, that bureaucrat would be one hurtin’ unit by the time I was done with him, make no mistake about it. I’d make it crystal clear to him that the kid IS gonna display his flag at school, and if the smarmy, coward bureaucrat even so much as mentioned the subject again, I’d make it my life’s mission to have him removed from the education system permanently… but not before I broke his freakin’ jaw just on basic principle. No whining, no pleading, no meetings with the Superintendent or letters to the editor of some local newspaper, just a sound beating and a promise to ruin the life of anyone who would dare stand in my way.

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