Some Republicans are just addicted to stupidity!

The leadership of the GOP wonders why so many in its base are so fed up? Explain it to them Mr. McCain, and please speak VERY SLOWLY

When she lost the GOP primary in August, she refused to concede, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee flew its top lawyer to Anchorage to advise her. When the absentee ballots were finally counted, Murkowski conceded the Republican nomination — but secretly continued her desperate intrigues to retain her Senate seat. In a shameful course of action that would make notorious Catilline blush, Murkowski’s Palin-hating henchmen John Bitney and Andrew Halco first sought to get her the Libertarian Party nomination. Rebuffed by the Libertarians, the Bitney/Halco faction then promoted Murkowski as a write-in candidate. Despite Murkowski’s perfidy, in a secret meeting last week, Senate Republicans declined to strip her of her status as ranking member of the Energy Committee. And now National Review is asking the important question: Which GOP Senators are protecting Murkowski, enabling her to tell Alaska voters that her Senate seniority is an asset worth retaining?

And of course, one of the Republicans bogarting the Crack Pipe of RINO Stupidity is the GOP’s answer to Lindsay Lohan

Sen. Lindsey Graham

Graham tells us that he is “OK” with Murkowski keeping her ranking status. “I want to look forward, not backward,” he says. “She got elected to serve out six years . . . If we start doing stuff like this (removing her position as ranking member) we are going to get off track. It’s about the future and not the past and the future is Mr. Miller. I expect him to come here and be a valuable team player the moment he gets here . . .  We want to stay focused on them, not us.

Let me try to understand the “Wisdom” of the RINO here. Murkowski, like other “valuable” establishment Republicans like Charlie Crist and Mike Castle, have done their damnedest to cost the Republican Party seats in Delaware, Alaska and Florida after Republican voters rejected them in state primaries. And for THIS, we should continue to accept and embrace them?


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