How much do Democrats love Black Americans?

Well, the answer is easy. They love Blacks a LOT. As long as they “know their place” and support the Liberal agenda. If Blacks stray from the Plantation of Liberal Ideology though………. it is time to crack the whip. Donald Douglas explains.

At Fox News, “Dems Intentionally Released My Social Security Number, GOP Candidate Says“:

It’s not unusual for political races to turn nasty. But one congressional race in Florida is reaching a new low as Lt. Col. Allen West, the GOP challenger to Rep. Ron Klein, accuses state Democrats of intentionally including his Social Security number in a mailer to hundreds of thousands of voters.

The Florida Democratic Party says it was a mistake, apologized and offered up to two years of identity theft protection to West.

But the West campaign rejected the offer, calling it a “backhanded apology,” and released a 30- second ad highlighting the incident, which it describes as a “desperate act.”

“When my family and I first committed to continuing our lives of service to our country over three years ago, we fully expected a tough fight based upon ideological principles – I expected a real and tough debate about the direction of our country,” West said in a press release announcing the ad. “Unfortunately for the voters of the 22nd Congressional District, my opponent – incumbent Ron Klein – has decided to engage in gutter politics instead of talking about the real issues facing our country.”

Why Blacks continue to support the Democratic Party escapes me, it truly does. The Democrats have done nothing to address the problems facing Black Americans, and have come to be resentful towards any minority that dares stray from the Democratic Party. Democrats have, rather than actually elevating Blacks, done more to keep them down, and embittered, constantly trying to make them feel like victims.

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