Once Again It’s I-Wish-It-Was-NFL-Sunday-But-It’s-Only-Full-Metal-Jacket-Reach-Around-Saturday Full Metal Jacket Reach Around Saturday

Yankee Phil provides us with video footage of GOP Senate candidate Pat Toomey sharing his Little Red Hen story with an audience of Pennsylvania voters.

Sista Toldjah resists the urge to go medieval on some sorry-assed beeotch who gave pot to her 2-year-old daughter.

Ugly, whiny, short-bus-riding, Maine RINO Olympia Snowe gets exposed for the parasitic organism that she is in our good friend Carol’s Closet.

Uncle Jimbo over at Black Five serves up a little zombie pork for everyone to choke on. Yes folks, John Murtha may be dead, but his legacy lives on.

The fine patriots over at Atlas Shrugs explain in detail why Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison is almost as dangerous to America as Barack Obama is.

The grouchy, old cripple over at Grouchy Old Cripple has posted an adult-oriented blonde joke that’s sure to bring a smile to your face… unless you’re blonde.

Some fake Tea Partiers think that a new pro-incumbency campaign finance bill currently worming its way through Congress is a peachy idea, and the Left Coast Rebel is justifiably disgusted by this state of affairs.

Drew over at Ace Of Spades HQ has dug up some illuminating information concerning spoiled RINO Lisa Murkowski’s newly announced write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Doug Ross discusses an effort by “detestable Stalinist hacks” Henry Waxman and Anthony Weiner to “pick off talk radio’s advertisers, one-by-one.”

A reader of the Four Right Wing Wackos blog submits video footage of somebody blowing up a Quran. Apparently, burning one just wasn’t satisfying enough for them.

The Neo-Neocon asks the magic question “So, what about Christine O’Donnell and masturbation, anyway?” Then she answers it.

American Glob shares a video with us of Joy Behar – the kind, thoughtful and stunningly attractive host of The View – as she debates conservative talk show host Steve Malzberg over who’s really to blame for America’s problems. You’ll love the part where she brings up how Bush stole the 2000 election.

Adrienne over at Adrienne’s Corner is asking that we all take a momnet to pray for some blogger chums of hers who are currently suffering from some terrible diseases. Consider it done, my dear.

And today’s ‘You-Don’t-See-Headlines-Like-That-Every-Day’ award goes to The Other McCain for the following: Democrat Halvorson’s Nazi-Smear Aide Is Lesbian Who Brags About ‘Gigantic Boobs’. Tell me, who could resist reading a story like that?

Yes, the ‘Do It For Bieber’ political campaign continues on its relentless surge toward ultimate victory in the November mid-term elections, and Hack Wilson is right there with an important video presentation to inform and delight you.

An Obama OFA (Organizing For America) staffer is caught on tape holding a poster of Glenn Beck with a Hitler mustache, during some psycho-leftist gathering in Chicago. The fine bloggers at I Own The World have posted the video for your viewing pleasure.

Apparently the Saber Point blog has been designated the ‘Dumbest Website Ever’ by a bunch of atheists at something called The Skeptics’ Dictionary, and Saber Point’s owner Stogie could not be more proud.

Normally I would never consider posting a link to a video of two squirrels fighting, but since the footage has been posted on the otherwise insanely interesting Socialist Squirrel blog, I’ve decided to make an exception just this once.

Say, did you know that Great Britain has its very own Ukulele Orchestra? Neither did I before I happened upon a video of it over at Maggie’s Farm.

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