Leftist City Council Member Throws Tantrum During Meeting

Leftist City Council Member Throws Tantrum During Meeting – Clark County Conservative

Vancouver, Washington – Vancouver city “Progressive” council member Jeanne Harris has once again erupted in anger and vitriol aimed towards a citizen during the Citizen Communications segment of the City Council Meeting.

Just weeks ago she lambasted Larry Patella over his right to free speech during the council meeting, resulting in a confrontation between her and fellow council member, Jeanne Stewart.

Ms Harris is also one of the three council members, joining Mayor Leavitt and Bart Hansen, who saw no problem with passing an ordinance restricting our right to free speech in political gatherings by placing prior notice limitations on such gatherings, even though no problems have ever occurred during such gatherings held be either left-wing or right-wing groups.

That ordinance did not pass as such and was rewritten to exclude political gatherings, which Ms. Harris clearly disagreed with.

I was in attendance at both meetings and Ms. Harris appeared visibly upset that she did not get her way to place limitations on gatherings that pertain to free speech rights for all.

At a subsequent town hall she once again became visibly upset with citizens over confronting Mayor Leavitt for his switch on campaigning on no tolls, admonishing the audience, most a bit older than she, as if they were third graders.

And now, once again, it is reported that not only did she throw a tantrum towards a citizen during the Citizen Communications segment, but that she stormed out of the council meeting and afterwards, angrily confronted fellow council member Jeanne Stewart in the hallway.

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Vancouver City Council Asked To Establish Ethics Committee To Review Complaint Regarding Councilmember Conduct – City Of Vancouver

Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt and the Vancouver City council received a request today asking that the Council establish an Ethics Committee to review a complaint alleging a violation of the Council’s Code of Ethics policy by Councilmember Jeanne Harris during the September 13, 2010, Council meeting.

Councilmembers Jack Burkman and Larry Smith sent a letter via e-mail to the Mayor and Council as provided by the Council Code of Ethics policy 100-36 stating that they believed a violation of Section 6.0A of the Code, Standards of Conduct, that “Councilmembers will at all times treat each other with respect and dignity” occurred during the September 13 meeting. Burkman and Smith contend that Councilmember Harris’ actions toward fellow Councilmember Jeanne Stewart and Mayor Leavitt during the meeting were not respectful and did not “treat them with dignity.”

In asking that the Council establish an Ethics Committee at the next regular meeting consistent with Section 7.0 of the Code of Ethics policy Burkman and Smith ask that the Committee investigate the allegations and determine the appropriate action to be taken.

Mayor Leavitt said that Council will consider this request as an agenda item during the Monday September 20 Council meeting. “The Council will address the issues as outlined in the Code of Ethics policy,” he said.

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