Your yes I am on vacation, Colorado here I come Linkapalooza!

I am out of here, starting tomorrow, and will return in two weeks, which leaves Ed Daley completely in charge! Here is my salute to my blogging pals, until I return!

Chris, has the ugly truth about the Religion of “Peace”! This post is a MUST READ! The Backyard Conservative has some ugly truths too!

 Adrienne is having computer issues and mentions sex! Wow!

Robert at American And Proud has intensity!

Aleister is getting a jump on suggestions for Christmas gifts!

Donald Douglas has questions for a certain “Moderate Imam”

Amusing Bunni is being irreverent!

An American Lion offers up one helluva Police Car!

Dave C has a rare moment of honesty from  Sorry Charlie!

Babalu highlights Castro’s admission. I wonder if the Left will pay heed to his words!

Bring the Heat brings us a hero!

Bob Belvedere brings us a LOOOOOOSER!

Carol plays the ASSHAT card! And rightly so!

Cassy takes aim at idiocy too!

Matt looks at some Union Douchebaggery!

Doug Powers has some fun with Susan Sarandon

Doug Ross has news that will make your head explode!

Daily Bayonet calls bullshit!

Jamie Jeffords has a classic example of a woman who is sexy, but really, not that pretty, at least to me! Fishersville Mike features a lass who is both pretty AND sexy!

Gateway Pundit has an update on the New Black Panthers. YEP, they are still racist trash!

Government Mess: President Bolton?

Guns and Bikinis features Ali Landry and Hell on Earth features my all-time favorite babe!

HotAir has the Marxist Quote of the Day from Team Obama!

President Barack Obama’s top health official on Thursday warned the insurance industry that the administration won’t tolerate blaming premium hikes on the new health overhaul law.

“There will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in a letter to the insurance lobby.

JWF has another hero!

Jumping In Pools has a story of a very bad pony!

Liberal Guy has some great cartoons

Michelle reports that the Democrats are playing the Guilt by high school graduation class card! YIKES! Michelle also looks at Islams anger management issues! DOUBLE YIKES!

That Robot Dude has ROBO LOVE!

Steve: Those dirty tree-hugging hippy freaks!

NSLF has your Nanny State Updates!

Carol has funny photoshop

Old Virginia Blog: The best BBQ in the world!

PO’d Patriot: Yes, the NAACP lies!

Paco: Whats next? Banning BBQ?

William Teach: Even scum detests the Westboro Bastards Church!

Asian Carp Czar? Only at Potluck!

Proof Positive has Halle Berry

Jill goes SUNDRY!

RRR: Can we get some luv for Truman?

Rigt Klikm looks at the man that might supplant my crooked, lying, corrupt Congress Critter!

Mary Sue: The Left prays for………

Saber: Hate speech as a crime?

Sister Toldjah: THUGOCRACY!

Smash Mouth: Lions over Bears? OH MY!

Pat: Sorry Grandma

Wyatt: Philly vs Church bells

That Mr. Guy: BLUES!

Mike: What do they mean “pay for taxcuts?”


Stacy McCain is having TOO MUCH FUN at BlogCon!

Theo has BIKINIS!


The Reb: Barney Frank is a big fat…..

WTH: Gun Grabbing Governor!

11 thoughts on “Your yes I am on vacation, Colorado here I come Linkapalooza!”

  1. You have a nice vacation Bob. Thanks for the linkage.

    If you want to see some beautiful Colorado scenery, take hwy 50 from Montrose to Salida, going over Monarch Pass, road elevation 11,312 feet. It’s actually not that steep with only 7% grades. You’d be going at the right time, almost. There is a chance of snow showers this time of year…hell, any time of year up there.

    My brother and I brought a load of Christmas tree seedlings back from Seattle to W. N. Carolina last March and decided to try the pass with a slightly over loaded 26 foot box truck. About the time we got to about 9,000 ft, it started blowing snow and it was too late to turn back. Thankfully, brother was driving. He has over two million miles under his belt. We do the trip every year and seem to take a different route every time. ( usually to a new casino. 😉 )

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