The Green Police in Philly?

According To Wyatt, they are and that cannot be good!

First, they threatened to force bloggers to purchase a $300 business license fee. Then, they towed away the Cupcake Lady’s truck. Now, they’re fining people for not recycling enough:

Of all the trash bags on all the streets in all the city, they rummaged through his. And then, they gave him a ticket for not recycling. Kevin Stutler – a man who not only sorts his own plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, and empty cans, but also cleans up the trash from his less conscientious neighbors – could not believe the irony.

Acting on orders from the mayor and City Council to pressure residents to recycle, the Streets Department is dispatching 46 enforcers to rummage through the garbage people put out on the street. When they locate unauthorized materials in the trash, these inspectors have the authority, nay, the obligation, to act.

But Sutler believes his fine – for failing to recycle a single plastic bottle – is ludicrous and unjust in a city filthy with litterers. Not to mention an appeals process that strikes him as, well, garbage.

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