Rule 5 Saturday!

Babes! We all love them, and every once in a while, I offer up a link-a-round to other blogs honoring Rule 5 greatness!

The Reb? You KNOW he is all over this! And Theo? Yep! Right there with babes! And Bob Belvedere? Yep, he has Christina Hendricks! Mike, The Classic Liberal has Heidi Klum teaching economics! William Teach is all over Rule 5 today! Donald Douglas offers up Cassadee Pope. Jamie Jeffords plays the Scarlett Johansson card! That Mr. Guy has senior citizens Rule 5! That Robot Dude salutes The Little Black Dress. Hell on Earth brings us Stacy Sanches. Guns and Bikinis? Asian Fever! Of course, The Other McCain has THE definitive Rule 5 hotness round up! Amusing Bunni brings us Anna Chapman

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