Who ya gonna believe, a Marine Corps General, or President Obama

This quote, comes not from a pundit, or politician, or talking head, but from a Marine Corps General, so, I have to think it carries a lot of weight. Rick at Wizbang shares my thoughts.

I call it aiding and abetting… but he’s been doing that since his election:

The top U.S. Marine general said President Barack Obama’s announced July 2011 deadline to start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan had given “sustenance” to the Taliban.

“We know the president was talking to several audiences at the same time when he made his comments on July 2011,” Gen. James Conway told reporters on Tuesday. “In some ways, we think right now it’s probably giving our enemy sustenance….In fact, we’ve intercepted communications that say, ‘Hey, you know, we only have to hold out for so long.'”

The cold, hard, and I would think very easy fact to grasp is that you cannot fight a war when you tell the enemy your moves in advance. You should have objectives sure, but definite timelines? No way that can be an effective strategy.

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