Attack of the Right Wing Bikinis?

As you might expect, RS McCain is behind this, because, you know,Conservative women are not supposed to be THAT HOT!

Evidently taking their cue from the Washington Post, now the British Guardian has decided that the most newsworthy thing about conservative blogger Pamela Geller is that she has been seen in public in a swimsuit:

Pamela Geller is on a mission to save the free world and she’s doing it, on this occasion, in a bikini as she writhes around in the sea.
“Here I am in my chador, my burka,”
Geller jokes to the camera in one of a string of video blogs campaigning against Islamic “world domination” shortly before kicking back in the waves.

The video is from August 2006 and out of all that Geller has done in the ensuing four years — including authoring The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America with her frequent collaborator, Robert Spencer — evidently nothing lends itself so easily to a feature lede as her bikini moment.

Don’t you just love how the media treats women?

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