What Smitty said!

Smitty, one of two blogging legends at The Other McCain has a video you MUST SEE! Frankly, Smitty agrees with these two fellas view on government and marriage, and I must say I fully agree as well.

I cannot argue with these two, not at all. They nail it frankly, send these two guys to Congress! Smitty, has some nice thought as well

The notion that the government, especially the federal government, should involve itself in marriage may need to be reviewed. I should not be imposing on these gentlemen to support my hyper-conservative views on baptism, and I appreciate that they are not asking me to justify their private practices. The meaning of the word ‘marriage’ is as invariant as ‘illegal’. The notion that some prefix ‘marriage’ in their effort to render a constant symbol somehow mutable is tiring, tiring, tiring. Also, a distraction from actual threats to liberty.

BINGO! Send Smitty to Congress too!

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