Monday Rule 2? Why the Hell not?

Yes, most blogs do the linkfests on the weekends, heck, I usually do them then too. But, between having the backache from Hell, and doing an online certification this weekend, I had no time. So, why not do it today! This post will be updated throughout the afternoon and evening so, if I have not linked you yet, I will, and if I don’t, well it means I forgot, so let me know and I will remember not to forget you!

Let us begin with Chris Wysocki, who, apparently has Sockaphobia!

TOTUS has a great cartoon

Hell on Earth: PETTY!


Bunni: Sexy brides!

Donald Douglas: Stand with Zona!

Carol: Pelosi’s face looks like Stretch Armstrong!

Sister Toldjah has Obama’s WTF? Statement of the day!


Mary Sue: What the Hell is a Vegan Cake?

Richard McEnroe: Who says pole dancers are not athletes?

Theo Spark is going to offend the Society to Prevent Cruelty to Skunks!

The Other McCain had lots of good blogging going on, and I was conflicted on which post to link. Should I go for the Bimbo gets out of jail Maybe the, yes, the old bastard IS a dirty Communist! Perhaps the, You might be a RAAAAACIST if…., but instead, I opted for the obligatory Stupid Things Lady Gaga Says because, a quote THIS stupid has to be linked!

“I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina.”
Lady Gaga, interviewed in Vanity Fair

Peek in the Well has a look at Liberal anger and hate and hateful anger, and angry hatefulness, and well, you get the idea!

P’oed Patriot has a video that will, well piss you off!

Old Virginia has Allen West 4 President!

Obis Sister: CONSTITUTION DAY! Carol: YEP!

Nice Deb: the Gound Zero Mosque is a descaration!

Weasel Zippers has the Maxine Waters Story! Must be RAAAAACISM!

Warner Todd Huston has Pete Stark (D) proving that he has no idea what the founding principles are! Whatch him get owned by a woman who ought to be in his place. Right Klik has more!

Jamie: Billie Piper

Dan Riehl calls John Kerry a Lobster!

Cassandra? She is just being inflammatory now!

Viewed From the Right asks the musical question who is more foolish, Charlie Crist supporters or people  who play Russian Roulette?

RRR has brainwashing

Jill: It asin’t esay being green, a kid

PotLuck: Same Old Shit!

Paco: Now THAT is a car

William Teach: Only the rich huh?

Lance is back from vacation, and, get this, he actually CHOSE to travel to Transylvania! I guess he has no fear of Werewolves, Vampires, and those funny Transylvanian accents, oh, wait, he went to PENNSYLVANIA? Oh, well that is even crazier!

Mike, The Classic Liberal salutes Keira Knightley’s hotness to prove some ideological point or other, sorry, I got distracted


Van Helsing: Moonbats are pansies!~

Robot dude: Featured Blogger! Is it me? No, but it is a very worthy winner!

Michelle! Obama the DEMAGOGUE’s DEMAGOGUE

MaInfo: Just call Obama Snoopy!

Maggies Notebook: A great question!

Jumping in Pools: Patriotic music!

HotAir: What do skanks thank about Arizona?

LiberaGuy: Thanks God!

That Mr. Guy: ROCK N ROLL!

Wyatt Earp: The heartbreak of Obamagasm Deficit Disorder!

Jimmie Bise: Virginia rocks!

Steven Gigler: Bavariamania!

The SCV has some important history

Iam not linking Pat Austin, because she hates me, maybe because I suck, I do not know. But because she refuses to link me on her link-a-rounds, I am not including hedr either! No matter if she does does have some great content! She hates me, so, I am calling her a big doody head!

Smash Mouth looks at one bad drive!

Wizbang has Sarah Palin’s opinion on the size of Obama’s junk! What the….? offers a visual aid


5 thoughts on “Monday Rule 2? Why the Hell not?”

  1. I love Rule 2 Mondays.

    I really stunk it up on the golf course today. Funny thing about golf…after you hit it, you get to hit it again. I hit it one hundred and eighteen times today. 😦 Shhhhhhh!

    Hope yer back gits ta feelin’ better,


  2. Welcome to the renegade FMJRA gang. I’ve settled on Thursdays as the linkaround day of choice, Ruby Slippers joined me for a while but then she was coerced back into conformity with the Saturdayians.

    Socks Suck!

  3. Thanks for the linkage! I’m trying to get back into the blog routine but every time I get started something else demands my attention. Thanks for keeping the campfire lit!

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