Your Blog Headline of the year?

RS McCain, is a blogging genius, and overall good guy and this headline caught my eye! Rick Pitino Discovers the Unsurprising Hazards of Screwing Crazy Women

When you’re a famous basketball coach hired for a new job, perhaps the orientation process should require that you watch a video called, “Crazy Women and Your Penis: A Bad Combination.”

It is fair to stipulate that any woman who offers sexual favors to a man she just met is crazy. And when she starts doing you under the table in the middle of a restaurant, we’re talking world-class crazy:

Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino told a jury Wednesday that a woman accused of demanding millions from him had sex with him after whispering to him and unzipping his pants in an empty Italian restaurant.
Pitino testified Wednesday that he met Karen Cunagin Sypher on July 31, 2003, at the restaurant where he’d gone following a golf outing.
Pitino said he bought Sypher a drink and the two exchanged small talk after the restaurant closed.
When he got up to leave, Pitino said she whispered something, opened his pants and the two then had sex “very briefly.”
“Unfortunate things happen,” Pitino said.

Excellent post Mr. McCain

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