Since it is Rule 5 Sunday

As begun by The Other McCain, I figure I might pass out some babe bloggin love!

Richard McEnroe has Denise Milani video

Wyblog has one of my faves Vanessa Marcil

Donald Douglas is smitten by Erin Andrews

William Teach always comes through with Babe Blogging

MNR has the smoking hot Olvia Munn

Maggies Fram has buns, and, even Babe blogging to please the ladies

The Reb has some questionable babery, but delivers a fine video to repair any optical damage!

House of Eratosthenes has cheerleaders!

The Other McCain, the infamous Stacy, offers the bait, should you bite?

Lance offers up his two loves Brett and Danica

Theo offers up TOTTIES!

The Classic Liberal has the Classic Beauty of Monica Bellucci

Russ offers up some Lucy Pinder

Wyatt offers up Lingerie hour!

Smash Mouth has a book, and a girl in body paint

Right Klik offers up some love for all you Left Wing guys who prefer tin foil hats to lacy panties on your womens

From Reluctant Optimist we have Twilight- FOR GUYS!

Jumpin In Pools has Bar Rafeali

Hell on Earth gives bras a hand

Guns and Bikinis has, WOW!

Jamie has Dania 

Bob goes old school on us! Thank you Bob!

Aleister has a topless Katy Holmes? HMMMM

2 thoughts on “Since it is Rule 5 Sunday”

  1. Thanks, Doug.

    Buy, I am worried about Stacy as he seems to have called two calls hot recently [Madcow and Kristin Davis] who are, in fact, Anti-Rule 5.

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