Obama vs Arizona round up

Team Obamarx has gone and decided to try to force Arizona to ignore the border, I thought a nice bloggers round table would be a good idea, so………

Donald Douglas: I promise to use this as an excuse to go to Arizona to take photos of hot prostest girls!

Confederate Yankee: Holder’s injustice


Jamie Jeffords: This suit sucks, but not as bad as Florida beating umy Gamecocks every November

Hell On Earth: Morons!

Hot Air: WEAK!

JWF: Waste!

Michelle Malkin: Shut up and sing you hippy freaks!

Monbattery: Obama is a terrible slouch

William Teach: Sue California!

Sister Toldjah: Yikes!

Smash Mouth: OUTRAGEOUS!

Pat Austin: The border is safe???

The blogprof: Who cares about Arizona, I got 1,ooo,ooo hits!

Viewed from the Right: It is ON!

Weasel Zippers: OH MY!

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