Your Saturday Linkzilla!

Spreading the linky love around!

Adrienne inspired my weekly radio show with this post

Michael Avitabile links us from Wizbang

American Glob: What is MSNBS doing?

Chris Wysocki: Saturday Serendipity

Donald Douglas: Liz Cheney rocks

The Reb: Give an idiot a microphone

Clifton: It is all the DaleyGators fault

Warner Todd Huston: A new declaration

Dave C: Bob Belvedere is a hippy!

Cassandra: Thank you! Babalu: Amen!

Lance is waiting

BCB: Why Chicago sucks

Richard McEnroe: I cannot be the only guy who likes getting slapped in the head

Bring the Heat: FINALLY!

Theo: Stay clean!

Bob Belvedere: Surprised? Not me!

The Resistance: ETHICAL!

Carol’s Closet: DOUCHEBAG!

The Other McCain: Those three little words…

Cassy: And you thought that moron driving 45 in the left lane was slow?

The Classic Liberal: Misa Campo

Doug Hagin: Catch my radio show every Monday night at 10PM EST HERE!

Cold Fury: Topless women always get me in trouble

The blogprof: Send a moron to Congress……

Conservative Hideout: Bend over America

Russ: Supergenius!

Da Tech Guy: Which presidents suck?

If That Mr. Guy thinks he can get me with sexy, hot babes, he is correct!

Doug Ross: WTF CNN?

Wyatt Earp: Spider Man is TEH GHEY!

Jamie: Spiffy new look!

Jimmie Bise: Wealth Faeries?

Finding Ponies: I cannot believe those DaleyGator guy FINALLY linked us!

Steven Givler: Yeah, I got paint!

Mike in Fishersville: America the Beautiful!

Pat: God and Country

Founding Bloggers: Is that any way to treat a lady?

Smash Mouth: Take a hike ya bum!

Governement Mess: Apparently Botox does cause severe brain damage!

Sister Toldjah: Any top 25 Conservative bloggers list that excludes those DaleyGator fellas is BS!

Guns and Bikinis are patriotic!


HotAir: Who would get intgo bed with that?


JWF: She was like a pornstar on steroids!

Dan Riehl: This top 25 sucks!


Jill: Can you say NEGLIGENT?

Liberal Guy: EGADS!

Public Secrets: Obama’s economy could use some Viagra

Joy: Man are we ever screwed!

Potluck: Don’t drink the Kool Ade man!

Maggie: About the “secure” border…….

William Teach: Elect a moron mayor……..

Michelle: It is the assimilation stupid!

Paco: Stupid should hurt

MNR: Prager is DA MAN!

Moonbattery: Jobs? Who needs jobs? We have Hope and Change now!

Obi’s Sister: Oh SHIT!

Steve: WTF?


Carol: Because of the heroes!

16 thoughts on “Your Saturday Linkzilla!”

  1. You actually brought tears to my eyes by linking to me. I have been absent due to a blistering headache. It’s nice to be appreciated. Thanks…

  2. What better way to go into a celebration of Independence Day, than with a link by DaileyGator. I am most appreciative and honored! Have a fun and blessed 4th, and now I must go read Obi’s Sister.

  3. Thanks for the for the linky love , man. And I just want you to know, dude, that i’m not a hippy…dig.

    I just watched 1776 and Yankee Doodle Dandy, and now The Boston Pops are on. It’s a Grand Old Flag.

    Happy Independence Day, my good friend.

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