Your Sunday Linktacular

Giving thanks and kudos to all those who link us here


Adrienne offers her support for the governor. Clifton loves the governor too. Carol of the Closet is all over it! Cassy is right there with her as is Doug Ross. Libertarian Republican: Ditto! Michelle Do Liberals even know what a border is? Strombringer: ARIZONAPALOOZA!

Randomness is a good thing

ACS is catching up. Dave C: McCain is like Matthew Lesco, but shorter. Bring the Heat is talking buttons. Conservative Hideout: Who knew? Daily Bayonet: What about the duckies!. Mike in Fishersville? RELAX! GrandaPa: One fast baby! JWF: Yes, he is still a lunatic!. Liberal Guy: BS! Nice Deb: Let them starve Teach: Nutty Alarmists. Jill: LAZY! Saber is no longer a Beatles fan Pat: Why the Hell should I link a Gator? Russ: Give me guitars! Chris has mucho links!

Why is Joe Biden’s as smarter than his head?

American Glob wonders, as does Donald Douglas. Government Mess is not Biden friendly. Hot Air has more on Joe Hot Air Biden. Steve: Dumbass!

Obama, McChrystal, and Patraeus

BCB channels Mark Steyn. Da Tech Guy: Patraeus Time Lord. Founding Bloggers: The truth hurts. Mary Sue has her take as does Sister Toldjah


Bob Belvedere goes retro babe on us again, then gets modern with us. Jamie Jeffords has Leighton Meester. Guns and bikinis honors lingerie! MNR has Mandy Moore! Paco goes retro too. Proof Positive has some links, then… BABES! Wyatt has the Whitesnake video babe! The classic Liberal has some Lucy Pinder hotness. All Babe-Blogging bows to The Other McCain Theo Spark: OH MY Lance: Oh Danica! The Reb: GINA!

World Cup reaction

Cold Fury: Soccer is a girly sport. Jumping in Pools is not really  jumping for soccer joy. Carol seems to be taking the bad news OK. Obi’s Sister is going to be bummed Smash Mouth is accepting


Maggies Notebook.


Nation of Cowards

Save Mosab Yousef

That Mr. Guy

The Lonely Conservative

You gotta laugh

Mako! NewsBusters: Garafalo is the new N word! The Resistance has your off color humor

4 thoughts on “Your Sunday Linktacular”

  1. Thanks so much for adding Maggie’s Notebook to your blogroll. I am honored, and you are on mine, as well.

    Also want to say how much I appreciate your support for Save Mosab Yousef. We had some good news yesterday. His Shin-Bet handler is actually in the US and will be in court with him on Wednesday morning. In the past, known only as “G,” he has now revealed his identity, as I understand it, at risk to his own personal safety and the possibility of jail time in Israel.

    Great round-up!

  2. I second Maggie’s motion – thank you.

    As for retro vs. modern: I try to maintain a zen-like balance of the body humours…who am I kidding: I want hits! And I’ll get ’em however I can.

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