Maybe Governor Brewer should just tell Obama she is one of the Beetles? Or even better yet, a Communist Union Thug!

He might find time for her then.

Why would anyone be surprised that Obama has refused to meet with Arizona governor Jan Brewer? Why would Brewer even request a meeting with the demagogue:

President Obama has turned down Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s request to meet while she’s in Washington next week as tensions mount between his administration and Arizona over the state’s new law cracking down on illegal immigrants.

Brewer will be in Washington to meet with other governors. She said Friday that she had asked to meet with Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to discuss border security and immigration. But Obama’s schedule “doesn’t allow for a meeting” with her, White House spokesman Adam Abrams said, adding that the president “does intend to sit down with the governor in the future.”

If anything this is a teachable moment and another example of just how radical the Obamanation is. Recall that radical leftist/communist union thug Andy Stern at one point was the most frequent visitor to ‘Obama’s House?

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