The Yankees again?

Stacy McCain reports the sighting of a Yankee in Atlanta. And we know what that kind of thing can lead to don’t we? Now the Yankee, or one of “those people” as General Lee called them, is a good guy, a fine blogger, his funny taste in hats notwithstanding. Da Tech Guy is OK with me, and he is doing some good work in Georgia.

Of course, the mention of Yankees running loose in and around Georgia brings Martin C. Mewburn, my Great-Great-Grandfather to mind. You see Martin was enlisted in Co. I 63rd Georgia regiment and fought Sherman’s Yankees at Kennesaw Mountain, where he reveived a minnie ball in his shoulder on June 27, 1864. The Yankees, by the way were whipped in that fight.

So, if Martin Mewburn is reading this blog in Heaven, I offer a salute to him. And to Da Tech Guy, keep up the good work, and just remember, don’t say Geneal Sherman too loud while in Georgia, I still have lots of family up there, and well, you know, they might get nervous at the mention of General Firestorm.

Aim for the Fedoa

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