My head might just explode tonight

Two stories regarding the  famed, or infamous if you are a bed-wetting Liberal, Arizona immigration law have my temper up a bit, and, as the post title presumes, my head might just explode from the combined BS contained in the two stories.

First off there is an op-ed written by Tim Rutten, of the LA Times. In his  intellectually incoherent ramblings, Rutten whines about LA Lakes coach Phil Jackson’s support of the Arizona law. OK, fine, if Rutten abhors the law and wants to disagree with Jackson’s take on it that is good with me. Rutten, however, seems to have no grasp of reality, or laws, or what the word illegal actually means. Rutten, who likely wrote this while crying into a box of Kleenex, takes Jackson to task, for daring to have an opinion, that, horror of horrors, differs from Rutten. I suppose Jackson should run all his opinions by Rutten first, to see if they pass Rutten’s whiny-assed standards?

Let us start with Rutten’s column’s oh-so clever title, Phil Jackson’s wrongheaded view of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law. See, Rutten could not manage to get past the title before he started lying like a cheap rug. The bill is not directed at immigrants. You see, Mr. Rutten, entering this nation illegally, is against the law. Shocking I know. But, America actually has things called borders. And we, as every other nation on earth, has every damned right to say who gets in, who doesn’t, how long they stay, when they must go, etc. Again, these easy to understand principles might be tough for Mr. Rutten to grasp, since he is busily feeling, rather than thinking his way through life.

Now, Coach Jackson defended the law, and the wailing from Rutten begins

I can’t bring myself to root against the Lakers in their current playoff series with the Phoenix Suns, but neither can I support them — unless the club formally repudiates Coach Phil Jackson’s endorsement of Arizona’s mean-spirited new anti-immigrant law.

Jackson’s support for the Arizona statute, which can only be enforced through impermissible racial profiling of Latinos, came to light on the eve of Monday’s first game in the series. Jackson was asked by an ESPN columnist what he thought of the Suns’ owner and players declaring their solidarity with the law’s opponents by wearing jerseys that read “Los Suns” during a game on Cinco de Mayo. The L.A. coach replied, “Am I crazy, or am I the only one that heard [the Arizona Legislature] say, ‘We just took the United States immigration law and adopted it to our state?’ ” Arizona lawmakers simply “gave it some teeth to be able to enforce it,” he said.

WHAT? Actually enforcing laws? How could anyone stand for that? Certainly not a mental midget like Rutten. After all, he seems to believe that a nation having any control of its border, or who enters into it, is simply unheard of. I mean come on, it is not like a terrorist could EVER come here illegally right? Of course, I doubt Rutten would ever criticize Mexican president Calderon, for his nation’s immigration laws. Perhaps Mr. Rutten ought to read up on those. It seems that they are far tougher than America’s, and certainly tougher than Arizona’s new bill, which merely gives its law enforcement officers the power to, brace yourself, enforce those laws. How outrageous is that? Law ENFORCEMENT ENFORCING laws? Who ever heard of such a thing? Hell if Arizona is not stopped, what will come next?

Police stopping speeders for breaking speed limit laws? HORRORS! What if those terrible policemen even went so far as to, perish the thought, ask the drivers for, again, brace yourself, their driver’s license? Or vehicle registration? Yep! Mr. Rutten knows that is just code speak for “show me your papers”. Of course, Rutten seems to have Selective Outrage Syndrome over the showing of papers. I guess some “outrages” are more equal than others.

What if we then devolve into a nation where the police start enforcing laws against drunken driving? I mean come on, who are the police to “profile” someone just because their car is swerving? What is this? Nazi Germany? What if we law enforcement begins issuing descriptions of wanted suspects and felons? Yep, more profiling, which is, according to weasels like Rutten, the absolute worst thing evah!

Finally Rutten closes his column with a call for the Laker players and management to throw Jackson under the bus.

they do have to distance themselves from Jackson’s wrongheaded endorsement of a law whose implementation can only affront Latinos’ constitutional rights.

Latino’s constitutional rights? Which rights would be harmed by enforcing our border laws? Mr. Rutten does not specify, but, specifics are not his thing. Emotionalism, baseless rhetoric, and racial pandering? Yep, those are his preferred means of examining important issues. This is not to mention, how racist it is of Mr. Rutten, to ASSUME that all Latino’s  agree with him about immigration, border security, and the Arizona law. Tell me Mr. Rutten, do you think that people think certain ways based on their race? Obviously you do, and that means your racist stereotyping of Latinos is, frankly an affront to them, you racist bastard you!

Next, there is the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, who, again, rules a nation with far tougher immigration laws than those of the United States, is outraged over the audacity of Arizona. I mean how dare they defy law breakers? Of course, our gutless wonder of a president kissed Calderon’s ass as he bashed America.

Mr. Obama joined Mr. Calderon in denouncing the new Arizona law on illegal immigration while defending his own record on border security. He used the occasion to press Congress to pass legislation to increase enforcement and to create a path for illegal immigrants to pay a fine and back taxes to achieve legal status.

The Arizona law was “a misdirected expression of frustration over our broken immigration system,” Mr. Obama said. “We’re examining any implications, especially for civil rights, because in the United States of America, no law-abiding person, be they an American citizen, a legal immigrant, or a visitor or tourist from Mexico should never be subject to suspicion simply because of what they look like.”

Mr. Calderon said many Mexicans now “face discrimination” in Arizona. While he said he was respectful of the internal policies of the United States, “we will retain our firm rejection to criminalize migration so that people that work and provide things to this nation will be treated as criminals.”

So, how dare we, a sovereign nation enforce our laws? Excuse me President Douchebag, but, if I were president of this nation, I would have personally escorted your ass all the way back to Mexico, and advised you that you would begin helping us enforce our border with you, or we would allow our military to handle the Coytotes, human traffickers, drug cartels, and other violent thugs that cross into our nation and kidnap our citizens, kill our ranchers, and wreak havoc in gangs like MS-13.

President Calderon is a hypocrite of the highest order, and should have been set straight by President Obama. He is not a friend of this nation, and until he changes HIS immigration laws, and begins healing HIS corrupt nation, he should be taked to, and not talked with by our leaders. He deserves scorn, criticism, and is not fit to express any opinion on our immigration laws.

There, my head feels a bit better, no explosions after all.

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