Is it that time of year already?

By GatorDoug

Wow, how time does fly. It seems like just yesterday that we were marking Stacy McCain’s National Offend a Feminist Week. And now here we are honoring it once again

Our announcement of the 2nd annual National Offend a Feminist Week provokes the eloquent Sissy Willis to muse on “why women can’t detatch their emotions from intimate relationships as easily as men.” Vive la différence, madame!

This is what is misunderstood by feminists. To reject feminism, in their view, is to be a misogynist, to be anti-woman, an accusation so absurd that one resents the minor effort necessary to refute it.

It is precisely my admiration for women — my high regard for their distinctively feminine qualities — which animates my animus toward feminist ideology, a species of egalitarianism. To state the obvious:

The “Feminist” movement, of course, is a thinly disguised Leftist movement. This movement, rather than being intended to liberate women, or empower them, is actually a means to enslave them. You see, no matter how much “Feminists” or Feminuts, as I call them, speak of choice for women, they really seek to severely limit a woman’s choices in life.

Pro-Choice, has come to equal pro-abortion in Feminut jargon. If you do not believe me, watch carefully how Feminuts react when anyone talks of “choosing life”. Feminuts take to that like Dracula to Holy Water. And the Feminuts are even less tolerant of women who choose to be Conservative, or who choose to not toe the carefully scripted Feminut line of thinking. Ask Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, or any other outspoken Conservative women how the Feminuts treat them over their choices.

Fact is, Feminuts want to empower themselves, at the expense of women. Just as the leadership of the NAACP, and Je$$e Jackson, and Al Sharpton  are race pimps, N.OW. and their ilk are gender pimps. Doing their best to keep women in line, and supporting them ONLY if they make pre-approved choices that the Feminuts are OK with.


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