Links? You want links? I got your links!

Ah, Friday, the work week is at an end, and now, it is all about links baby! In honor of Stacy McCain’s Full Metal Jacket Reach Around tradition, I offer a Friday Linktastic Reach Around.

Wyblog has his own fine liknktacular going on, and noted my Rick Perry 2012 campaign ad

A Conservative Shemale used the Sarah Palin stripper look-a-like bait, and YES, I will bite! I wouid add that if sex sells, and we know it does, then why should the GOP not get in on some of that?

American Glob asks when stoning women became UN approved

Yankee Phil has the Nanny of the Month

Did Obama kill Immigration Reform? Wizbang examines

Donald Douglas has yet another bit of interesting news from Arizona

Clifton notes an outbreak of Selective Outrage Syndrome amongst Democrats

What the….? has Sandra Bullock news

Weasel Zippers: Joy Behar is so deep in the Pit of Stupidity, she will hit China in two days, and also SHUCK FARIA!

The Reb says Sting, the over rated singer, not the wrestler, wants my food

Are We Lumberjacks honors a truly wise man

Dave C is all over how inane PC can get

Atlas Shrugs has a story that will make you irate

Warner Todd Huston has bad news. Chris Dodd is up to his old tricks

Lance tries to understand Al Gore!

Babalu has news of an anti-fart blanket

Bring the Heat has your tear jerker video of the day

Theo, has, well, a must-see

The Resistance, of which I am a part, is a must read!

Look what Bob Belevedere has found

In Carol’s Closet today, weirdness

What is this? RS McCain backs Frum for backing Rubio, who has made toast of Crist!

The CL has more Libertarians and Conservatives

Cold Fury: What do we spread around when all the wealth is gone?

 Conservative Hideout: Ever try to debate a Leftist?

Russ: Can you find me a doctor?

Wyatt: I was an Indonesian Gigolo

Jamie Jeffords: Crist sucks

Fishersville Mike is a hungry guy

Stormbringer brings us a badass!

SCV: remembering the fallen

Gateway Pundit: Is Obama really this stupid?

Check out Government Mess

Socialist Squirrel has a laugher!

Pat has your idiot of the day

Steve Burri has some fun

Grouchy Old Cripple! has a great T-shirt

Smash Mouth has a MLB idiot

Sister Toldjah has Al “Pimp My Hair” Sharpton news

Two words! Guns, Bikinis!


HotAir: Crist sucks

Saber has a great cartoon

Mary Sue has a reminder of Obama’s past words

Jumping in Pools wants your opinion

Michelle Selective Salary Outrage Syndrome

Check out Phil’s new digs

Jill: Various and Sundry

Moonbattery is being mean to Speaker Face Lift

Steve skewers Bill Nelson

Potluck blows off some steam

William Teach: Shameless Bikini Blogging

Paco has a great comment

Nice Deb has a dream lineup

No Sheeples: Between Slave And Free

Obi’s Sister is scatter shootng

9 thoughts on “Links? You want links? I got your links!”

      1. Not yet, but, then again, neither is Barry-O.

        Did Barry-O have a trist
        With Goodtime Charlie Crist?

    1. Is that like a combo Sham-Wow and Snuggie. Snug-Wow. Cut your bathroom time by a third!

      Or, in case your a Democrat, you can opt for the Smuggie. You’ll be able to wallow in your own self righteousness more by a factor of ten! Better keep this one a secret. I fear it could be a million seller.

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