You think you know someone and then…………

You find out they are not what you thought. Take my blogging role model, Michelle Malkin for instance. I have admired her passion for Conservative principles, her patriotism, and her fearless approach to fighting for right over wrong. She is the one who inspired me, through her blogs, to start my own.

Then, today, I learn from The Other McCain that the lovely Michelle is NOT WHITE! Yes, stunning news I know, but, appaently it is true, since Michelle herself has now admitted to being less-than-White  It sounds as if the news even shocked Michelle.

Breaking news: I am not white!

Apparently Michelle was also unaware of her non-White status until an ultra-tolerant Emailer broke the news to her

from Ruben
date Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 7:42 AM
subject The color of your skin

Dear Michelle:

I have never met you or heard from you until today.

I didnt’ need to hear you for too long to know the kind of person you are or what are your personally.

I just wondering how or where did you learned to speak like the way you do.

Because you are are not white, and that is obvious, I would like to invite you to take a walk around or drive in Arizona and see and feel in your own skin the racism that exist [sic] in that state. I really would like you to experience first hand the racial prejudice. I would like you to feel how does it feel to be discrimated [sic] for the simple reason of the color of your skin.

Take a walk in Arizona. By yourself. Because you are not white no matter how hard you try to be white, you will never be white . no matter how hard you try to speak like a white person. you will never will be one and your father and your mother and sisters and brothers will never be white no matter how hard you try.

Oh my God! You mean Michelle is not only not White, but she can, it seems never be White? Wow, what an insightful guy this Ruben character is.

Seriously though, what kind of ass clown are you Ruben? How racist are you? Why are you so convinced that ALL people of any race must sound, think, and opine exactly alike? Have you no interest in diversity of thought, of ideals? Come on Ruben, wake up and get off the identity politics crack you are smoking. Skin color, Ruben,, is only skin deep, and true diversity, has nothing to do with skin or gender, or anything like that. Ruben, stop judging everyone by their looks, or their speech. Open that mind up Ruben. And stop presuming everyone must think racially Ruben.

2 thoughts on “You think you know someone and then…………”

  1. I feel your pain… Really! We’ll find you a nice white girl to admire.

    Similar story. Many, many eons ago I was dating a very nice gentleman who “was not white.” One day I made some statement during a conversation about being “white” (I’m of Italian ancestry from Calabria so we’re on the darker side.) He looked at me like I had pooped in my pants and said, “Honey, I got news for you. You’re not white and white people don’t think you’re white.”

    In all the time I have been aware of Michelle Malkin, nothing about her race ever crossed my mind. It was like the day, not all that long ago, that I discovered Gov. Patterson was black. Honestly, I just thought he was blind (that’s almost embarrassing to admit)

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