The trouble with Liberals

Well, OK, if you read that headline and thought “there trouble with Liberals is everything they stand for” you would be correct. However, the one specific area I am concerned with is this. Liberals have real issues thinking in simple terms. Take this story I found while perusing the Blogprof’s fine work

Granholm: All Supreme Court candidates ‘sensitive to women’s concerns’

President Barack Obama’s statements this week about seeking a Supreme Court nominee who is sensitive to women’s rights “does not necessarily” mean Gov. Jennifer Granholm will move up the list of possible nominees, the governor said today.

I think everyone on that list is sensitive to women’s concerns,” Granholm said about the names in published reports said to be among those Obama is considering to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.

Blogprof then offers a fine take on Granholm’s lack of focus on what is truly important in picking a Supreme Court justice

This is what infuriates me about today’s judiciary. Here we have the President and a potential pick that are ‘concerned about’ women’s ‘rights’/’issues’ when the only thing that should concern them is upholding the US Constitution!

Absolutely! That IS all that matters. But Granholm, and identity politics addicts like her, are so obsessed with dividing people into groups. Blacks, Asian, Gay, Straight, Women, etc. that they miss the important issues. And no, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, are NOT that important. The folly of the Left is that they say they are desirous of a society that completely ignores color, or gender, yet by their actions, they make such a society nearly impossible.

If Granholm were to say, “I want nominees that are concerned with upholding Constitutional principles” she WOULD end up with a nominee that would be sensitive to all American’s constitutional rights, women included. But, Granholm, being a Leftist, cannot come to grips with this simple reality. Again, note that the Left obsesses over “equality” yet they do not want true equality. The equality they seek is an equality dictated by government insistent on enforcing “social justice”.

Social Justice, of course, is code for Marxism, and any honest student of history will tell you that there is no justice under Marxism. Rather than equality of opportunity, Marxism attempts to put “equality enforcement” in the hands of government, which, of course, leads to a nation that makes all equal by ultimately removing everyone’s liberty.

The ultimate roadblock Liberals cannot seem to bypass is that rights come not from government, but are inherited by each person at birth, the founders referred to these rights as Natural Rights. There is no right to equality of results, or social standing, or income, and a government seeking to supply such a right will, in the end trample all our liberties.

2 thoughts on “The trouble with Liberals”

  1. >>This is what infuriates me about today’s judiciary. Here we have the President and a potential pick that are ‘concerned about’ women’s ‘rights’/’issues’ when the only thing that should concern them is upholding the US Constitution!<<

    What I've said all along. A candidate for a seat on our highest court doesn't have to give up their political philosophy or beliefs, BUT they do have to have the intestinal fortitude to put their beliefs and philosophy in a "lock box" when they step into the limelight as a Supreme Court Justice. In the cases that come before the court, they MUST adhere to the precepts of the Constitution when handing down their opinions and decisions.

    The only "litmus test" required to be considered as a justice on the Supreme Court should be…" Are you going to base your decisions on the Constitution or are you going to let your personal biases cloud your decision making abilities?" It's a simple question and should be easy to answer. Of course, I'm not a lawyer, just a carpenter, so what do I know?


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