Timothy Geithner: One day the Tea Parties will love Obamanomics

So says Tim Daniels. And, he is almost as cool as Ed and I!

This is bizarre, does this guy not even have ‘handlers?’ He thinks that Tea Party patriots will ‘see the light’ and that the Obamanation is actually going to be fiscally responsible and control the deficits? Hah!:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner praised the “positive side” of the tea party movement Sunday, suggesting the movement’s concern with deficits could align the group with the administration in the future.

This makes as much sense as Bill Clinton claiming expertise in marital fidelity, Obama’s discretion in choosing friends and pastors, Nancy Pelosi’s (choices) in plastic surgeons…..

You know, making fun of Obama’s economics, Geithner’s tax preparation sdkills AND Speaker Face Lift’s Botoxitis in one post has to earn the LCR the DaleyGator Blog of the Day Award

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