Saturday linky love!

I have not done one of these lately, but, I am going to today, I was actually going to do it last night, but, I was absolutely drained from a tough day at work. Call it the recovering bartender link-a-round. And whatever you do, do not take a look at The Other McCain’s FMJRA! Way too extreme! And Wyblog’s? No way! Too TAXING!

Carol at No Sheeples has a message for Barry! Pat is sick over Obamunism. Paco has a question for an especially irritating Douchbagger from Tennessee. Dan Riehl points out that Mayor Nanny is still an enemy of liberty. Charlie Crist? Turncoat! Lindsey Graham? Jimmie is trying to like the guy, but……. Is Moe Lane a douchebag? Russ wonders. The Classic Liberal looks at fraud

Liberal Guy has a video about why we should rely on ourselves for self-defense. William Teach has good news on that front from Arizona

Bob Belvedere? He linked my question of the day. Carol, of the Closet, does not like me anymore it seems, she never links me, but, she REALLY loathes Charlie Crist. Cassy Fiano really loathes the twisted priorities of some “feminists”. Sister Toldjah agrees! Doc Zero examines the currency the Left wants to switch us to, and Doug Ross has a ticking time bomb. The Founding Bloggers found some hypocrisy from the Left? Naw! Fuzzy Logic was talking infiltrators, So does Grandpa John Gateway Pundit has video of one of these thugs. Speaking of thugs, Michelle has a couple for ya!

A Conservative She-Male notes ED’s post about a Conservative network, while Adrienne tries to make us all smile. Donald Douglas exposes a liar, and an idiot who believes his lies. Clifton, on the other hand, has a wise man’s words and Babalu offers us some lunch Government Mess has a history lesson for a Liberal. The Resistance has Cap and Tax Stupidity

On the Tea Party coverage front, Dave C reported from Richmond, and Saber from San Jose, while Mike is ready for some post-season greatness. Hot Air has the epic fail of the Tea Party crashing douchebaggers. Tim Daniels seconds that emotion. Did I mention that the Tea Party crashing sucked like a Clinton intern? Phil has a Texas Tea Party. Steve offers some Tea Party T’s! Jill has a doll that is smarter than Obama!

On the funny bloggers front, there is Interesting News Items, and IMAO, and IowaHawk, Also JWF asks why Democrats would pay to dollar for an ass-whipping? Moonbattery gives us an example of BAD naked! Wyatt has a funny picture

You want a bit of Rule 5? Bring the Heat brought Jessica Simpson Jamie Jeffords asks “Who knew someone so cute could be so naive?” Guns and Bikinis? OH MY! Theo Spark makes me want to get his lawn service Richard McEnroe is going to piss off some feminuts if he is not careful. Washington Rebel has educational babes!

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