Smitty 1 famed idiot 0

By Gator Doug

Joan Walsh of Salon should know better than to write things that are easily refuted. Smitty blasts her softball pitch out of the park

Joan Walsh has posted the most risible dismissal of Andrew Breitbart imaginable. Emphasis mine:

Andrew Breitbart isn’t fit to spit-shine the shoes of civil rights hero and Congressman John Lewis. It’s ludicrous to think that the right-wing bully believed he had the moral or political standing to call Lewis a liar, after Lewis and two other black congressmen reported they were called “nigger” by tea partiers during the healthcare reform vote March 20. Lewis’s word on the confrontation is good enough for me.

What about personality-free facts? Videos shot on the spot? What about the fact that Breitbart backs up his claims with money? What about the fact that Breitbart, while arguably abrasive, as truth can be at times, has a sterling reputation?

Now comes news that Breitbart is the liar – or at least the misleader. Video he’s been peddling to “prove” the congressmen were not called the N-word was actually after the slurs occurred. As a friend notes, “It’s like running video of the Twin Towers on 9/10 to prove 9/11 didn’t happen.” Of course the videos Breitbart peddled to claim ACORN helped a supposed pimp and prostitute set up a child-prostitution ring have also been found misleading, at best. The California Attorney General’s review said they were “severely edited” and in fact “showed no violation of the law.” New York authorities concluded the same thing.

Was the video from after the alleged incident? You must have a hard timestamp for the purported event yourself to back up this claim of time shenanigans, Walsh. Why not trot out some facts to back up your claim? Could there be a total lack of facts on your side of the argument?

Go read it all, and enjoy the smackdown.

And, Smitty, for his efforts, earns our Blogger of the Day Award! Smitty is one of the bloggers that has been very gracious in his linkage to this blog, and Ed and I appreciate his generosity, and taste in blogs!


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