Confederate history month proclamation causes massive outbreak of Offendeditis

Why would anyone be surprised that the usual suspects are aghast that Virginia’s governor Bob McDonnell has rightly proclaimed April Confederate History Month? Who would expect anything else from the Left? After all, being offended and stirring up fake incidents of racism is part of their daily game plan. If it were not the Virginia governor, it would be the Tea Parties, or Sarah Palin, or any other convenient target.

If y’all have not noticed yet, the Left is desperately trying to smear anyone opposed to the progressive Marxist agenda of the current administration. And face it, Southerners have long been targets of the race pimps on the Left haven’t they? Especially any Southerner that does not hang their head in shame over their Confederate ancestors. The Confederate flag? Dixie? Confederate monuments? All have been used as political footballs by the Left to paint Conservatives as racists, and ignorant, insensitive hicks. So, again, the phony outrage, is nothing new. Rather, it is just the latest example of how the Left operates.

What is new, and terribly disturbing is that several Conservative bloggers and politicians have to at least some degree joined the Left in criticizing the proclamation. Frankly, we, as Conservatives ought to know better on several fronts. Let me take a look at the major points of criticism these Conservatives have aimed at Gov. McDonnell.

First there is the inane notion that such a move hurts Conservative chances of reaping major gains in the Senate or House races in November. The logic is that this will make Conservatives look insensitive, and out of touch. To that let me say B.S.! The only fools who will think that are never going to vote for a Conservative anyway. They are so consumed identity politics and perpetual victimhood that they would blindly buy the Democrats talking points even if McDonnell had refused to issue such a proclamation.

Second, there is this idea that this is bad for the GOP because, get this, the Left will criticize us over the governor’s action. Excuse me for injecting some reality here, but when the Hell have Liberals NOT criticized Republicans? When was the last time they offered us a pat on the back or atta boy? When, exactly, have they needed anything concrete to scream RAAAAACIST at us? They do so every day, and twice on Sunday! I will never grasp this idea that some of us have that we should seek Liberal approval. Face it, they only approve of us when they are sure we are caving into them. If you wish to grovel at the feet of Liberals, then your name is probably Lindsay Graham.

The third argument, is, to me, the most annoying. Those among us who are saying that recalling history is OK, but, somehow not this chapter of history, excuse me, but are they mad?. Allow me to inquire as to what other chapters of history are to be sacrificed upon the altar of political correctness? I would remind readers that a proper understanding of the War Between the States is crucial to an understanding of American history. And, a proper study and understanding of the Confederacy is crucial to understanding the War Between the States.

I would also remind any Conservative that America is in the hole it is today because we have forgotten so much of our history. We are right to demand that our representatives remember the founding documents, we are right to demand these documents be taught in school. Again, how is studying the Confederacy any less important? Is not the essential question right now, on so many issues, NOT States rights? And what was the fight from 1861-65 over again? Yes, States rights.

Finally, the argument that the Virginia proclamation is ” unacceptable” because it failed, in its original form at least, to mention slavery every other word, is a historically incorrect argument.

Remember that this proclamation is a not a national, or even regional proclamation, it is a state issued proclamation, that state being Virginia. Virginia left the Union on April 17th 1861. It did not leave to protect slavery, not at all. Neither, in fact did Tennessee, or Arkansas, or North Carolina. Missouri, Kentucky, nor Maryland did not seriously consider secession over slavery either. These states all were troubled over something else.

Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Arkansas took their leave after President Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to invade the Southern states that had seceded to compel them, at point of bayonet, back into a union they no longer wished to be a part of. Had Lincoln not called for the troops, then Virginia would not have left the Union. Funny how a bit of historical reality can change perspectives isn’t it?

Naturally ANY study of the war, or Confederate history, or of the Union side, will result in vast studies of the role of Blacks, both free and slave. It will also result in much-needed study of the service and sacrifice of Blacks in both armies as well. It should be noted that many of the same voices screaming against the proclamation because it somehow “excludes” are usually very eager to “exclude” any mention of Blacks who served in the Confederate military.

Lastly, it must be added that no matter what language a Republican governor included in such a proclamation, that governor would be ripped by the Left. Had Governor McDonnell inserted the mention of slavery, he still would have been attacked. The aim of the Left here is not inclusion, or tolerance. It certainly is not historical accuracy. The aim, as always, is to use every effort to attack and demonize the Right. As I said at the start, the South is an old standby for such attacks. Rather than trying to appease the Left the Right ought to unite and say Hell no to further erosions of American history.

10 thoughts on “Confederate history month proclamation causes massive outbreak of Offendeditis”

  1. Excellent post.

    “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” — George Orwell

    Liberals know this verse well, not to condemn it but to put it into practice.

    I’ve added you to my A List.

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