Well, someone took extra bitterness pills didn’t they?

Warner Todd Huston has the latest example of a Feminut suffering from Eternal Bitterness Syndrome.

Margot Magowan a blogger for the San Francisco Chronicle must have gone to college. I say that not because she seems so well educated, but because she seems to hate traditional gender roles. After all, the only place that women become radical feminists is in college because the real world does not teach such balderdash. In a short April 7 blog post Magowan furiously attacked the magazine Good Housekeeping for its latest cover story on First Lady Michelle Obama. Magowan hated the photo, claims she hates “the media’s” supposed “abuse” of first ladies, and even more to the point hates the fact that a magazine named Good Housekeeping still even “lives on” in this day and age when all things connected with homemaking should have been destroyed by the triumph of feminism long ago… as far as she is concerned apparently.

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