Your Sunday one word wrap-ups

Today, in anticipation of a rather slow traffic day, I will offer some fine posts from bloggers on my blogroll who sum up their feelings with just one keu word.

Words like Weasels from Yankee Phil

Clowns by Chris

Debacle at Wizbang

Assbackwards from Weasel Zippers

The Reb says NO!

Lance loves WalMart 

Totus quotes Franklin

Richard McEnroe offers Cheerleaders

Theo offers bacon


Stacy has the battle we should all watch

Mike has Rihanna

The Blog Prof has the hate of the Left

Russ talks confiscation

Wyatt has healthy fare


Pat hates me I think, no linky love at all.

Sister Toldjah has a sell-out

Saber has a very false analogy

Mary Sue: JOBS?

Dan Riehl is tired of porn?

Red State asks the musical question. So only the Right has bricks?

Reganite Republican has cartoons

Jill has the wisdom of Steyn

Phineas has unions vs taxpayers

Potluck notes some regrets

William Teach the word of the day

Paco has the best word ever! Obi’s Sister agrees

Dave C at Not One Red Cent has an endorsement

Carol has Duke

Nice Deb has a disturbance in the media’s narrative

Newsbusters busts MSNBiaS

Steve has the heartache of hangovers

Moonbattery Via Ace, has some cultish rules for celebrating

Molten Thought offers a Tale of Two Cities

Phil has advice for the RNC

Michelle has true confessions of Census workers gone wild

Steyn has fakery


Tim Daniels has the most despicable Democrat of all

Jumping in Pools has predictions

JWF has taxes

Interesting News Items: Forgetfulness

Hot Air has cocktails

Guns and BIKINIS

Steve Burri is into hockey

Government Mess: Regime

Mike has links

Jamie has a loser

Thanks to Doug Ross

Doug Powers has Guam

Da Tech Guy had a choice

Today in Carol’s Closet? Myths!

Bob is quite kind today

Bring the Heat is right, this is awful

Dave C offers up violins

Clifton notes that CNN discovers an amazing thing

Donald Douglas looks into rage


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