Your Marxist Moron of the Day is……….

Maxine Waters, for many reasons, but, specifically, for her OUTRAGEOUS remarks concerning the Tea Parties. Waters told some absolutely incredible lies about the Tea Parties, you can check out that video here. Check her out calling Tea Partiers waving the American flag and enjoying themselves “outrageous behavior” She also accuses Republicans of “egging” the Tea Party folks on. Really Ms. Waters? How about when Democrats gave Code Pink TICKETS to the Bush inauguration? Michelle Malkin has the goods on Waters and her shameful hypocrisy.

To me, the most inane Waters statement concerns Congress, or the Democrats in Congress anyway, not hearing the concerns of Americans over health care. Waters claims they just cannot be heard over the “shouting Tea Party fringe”. Good freaking grief!

The truth is, of course, that Waters and her fellow Neo-Marxists in her party, do not give a damn about the American people’s wishes. Waters, and those like her, are of the mind that the people are stupid, and should sit down, shut up, and accept whatever the democrats feed them!

Sorry Maxine, that AIN’T gonna happen!

2 thoughts on “Your Marxist Moron of the Day is……….”

  1. Maxine Waters, in my opinion, is one of the few politicians that I believe are actively working against the American people and trying to take this country down. She can’t tax other people enough. She can’t control people’s lives enough. She can’t socialize businesses fast enough. Her hatred for white Americans comes through loud and clear in almost everything she does, most stances she takes, and almost everything she says. She didn’t “slip” when she said waving the American flag was outrageous behavior because in her world it is.

  2. I fail to see these folks like Waters, Obama, Frank, Nancy P., the Tzars…or any of the Communists in the media, or the PC Sympathizers as progressing in anything beneficial. They must be smoking Marion Barry’s left over crack! Much like lemmings running of a political cliff they really have no sense of proportion or political direction. How wrong are 3 left feet? I am sure they believe that to be perfectly natural as well…….like gay marriage….yeah, right! It is scary that todays youth are so extremely dumbed down that they believe anything this administration says. How odd that with all of these so called technological advances the iq of the majority of young people has dropped…. seem to have possibly one last marble at best rolling around in their noggins at all times… They are indeed the authors of confusion…masters of manipulation…What part of C onstitution don’t they understand?

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