With leadership like this, who needs enemies?

Stacy McCain flays the morons running the Republican Party.

Over and over, we have seen recently that Republican “leadership” in Washington is a joke, their cowardice exceeded only by their incompetence. Pete Sessions and the National Republican Congressional Committee squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Dede Scozzafava campaign, and the NRCC’s candidate-recruitment efforts consist mainly of trying to find “self-funders” — e.g., Ben Quayle types with lots of Daddy’s money to throw around — rather than identifying real leaders with solid values, like Vernon Parker

The recent foibles of the Republican National Committee are too numerous to mention, but the bondage-nightclub fund-raiser is the tip of a very large iceberg of RNC staff blunders. The RNC also backed Scozzafava and there was that moronic Powerpoint presentation. Now Michelle Malkin calls our attention to the latest outrage:

Mr. Steele agreed to meet with the immigration groups after they staged a brief but noisy sit-in at the R.N.C. offices on March 22.
Several advocates emerged from the closed-door session to say Mr. Steele had pledged to help find at least one more Republican sponsor for a bill being crafted by Senator Lindsey O. Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, and Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, a Democrat.
The advocates “walked away with a commitment from Steele to work with Sen. Lindsey Graham and the party’s leadership to enlist another Republican senator’s support for comprehensive and bipartisan immigration reform,” the leaders of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement said in a statement. The movement is a coalition of groups that support a path to legal status for illegal immigrants.

This kind of sellout — the GOP elite betraying the party’s conservative grassroots — occurs routinely. While I was in Arizona, I heard rumors that if John McCain’s big money isn’t enough to buy re-election, the NRSC will spend money to help McCain destroy J.D. Hayworth. It’s typical of the kind of clueless Republican “leadership” that spent $320,000 to help Arlen Specter defeat Pat Toomey in 2004 — and was prepared to do the same this year, until Specter decided he was a Democrat:

The one thing you see over and again  in America, in politics, business, and in many other areas is the complete lack of competent leadership! No one seems to be able to think their way out of a wet paper bag! The only way the GOP can possibly blow big gains in November is, well, to let our “leaders” keep screwing up!

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