Michelle Malkin destoys Nostrilsaurus Waxman

Ah, here I was feeling my blood pressure rise over the Nanny Statist campaign against the greatnes of America., Then, I stopped by the Blogging Role Model’s place, and took great pleasure in watching her dismantle Henry “Nostrilsaurus” Waxman! Give him Hell Michelle!

My syndicated column this week puts Henry Waxman’s latest witch hunt against companies speaking out on the costs of Demcare in the larger context of his power-grabbing career as the Left’s chief inquisitor. Related good reads: Megan McArdle breaks down Waxman’s war on accounting. John Fund calls the upcoming Waxman hearing the first Demcare death panel. As I note below, more companies are reporting write downs as required by SEC rules, disclosure laws passed by Congress (and supported by Waxman), and generally accepted accounting practices. How many show trials does Waxman plan on holding?

More targets for the Witch Hunter: “Small businesses fret over details of health law.”

Great video and info from Heritage/The Foundry: Side Effects: Obamacare the Television Ad

And do not forget, remember Waxman in November too! He is unfit to serve, throw him out of office, retirement time for Nostrilsaurus!

One thought on “Michelle Malkin destoys Nostrilsaurus Waxman”

  1. Waxman is far too animated a name for the Nostrilsaurus. I suggest he change his moniker to Henry Deadbrain.

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