ObamaCare, the Day After link-a-round

It is a sad day, a very sad day for a country on the brink of collapsing from within. Every day we venture farther from our founding principles, and every day we flirt more openly with Marxism. Here are some poignant posts from the blogs. 

Wyblog has a preview of decline. How to avoid predicted decline? Wizbang has a  great starting point 

Is this bill, just the nose of the camel under the tent? Weasel Zippers has a rest of the camel sighting,  Sister Toldjah confirms the camel has landed Washington Rebel will fight on, no camel can scare him, Warner Todd Huston has only begun to fight as well. Steve has the silver lining 

Cassandra has a caption contest, featuring Congressional tyrants. Lance, who eats Liberals up like a badger eats, uh, Badger Chow, wants his own MSNBS show, and YES, I want to be a guest! 

TOTUS has our rallying cry, Remember 3-21! 

What will ObamaCare do to our wealth? richard has a video, featuring hot cheerleaders, illustrating the coming orgy of money-grubbing.  

The Other McCain has some advice for Republicans, and for all of us, Dan offers some sage advice too. Mike offers us a dose of harsh reality. Russ, on the other hand, wonders how bad our hangover is, Wyatt wonders how long we can survive 

Jimmie compares warriors and weasels, StormBringer reminds us not to listen to those who hate patriotism 

Pat warns of a new pandemic. Obama Flu, Mary Sue is ailing too Rusty predicts a menu that would make anyone sick, Rd State notices that some of us will be exempt from ObamaCareitis 

Reaganite Republican predicts a fall for the elites while Jill reminds us that the Democrats are not sated yet. The ladies at Potluck, are spoiling for a fight, as is Pixie 

William Teach schools a moron Paco, brings us a chuckle, and Obi’sSister calls the Wolverines! 

Carol focuses on the shameful Stupak, while Nice Deb has confirmation on Obama’s TRUE ideology, and Moonbattery looks at the IRS as enforcers Phil has Mitt’s take 

Michelle notes that the Weasels are gloating, but the states are striking back and  she also has my Daley Douchebag winner 

Mako Snark has an apt photo shop Eric Dondero has a must-see post 

Liberal Guy sees a showdown coming, and William Jacobson sees censorship, LCR sees a RINO, Jumping in Pools sees four Congressmen who gave us Marxism 

Interesting News Items has a hilarious look at Stupak. Hot Air has video proof that even Stupak knows he is a fool I Own the World exposes a dirty secret, and Greg Gutfeld mocks the National Pony 

Government Mess has a good round up, Jim Hoft reminds us that Stupak is a liar. Mike has some bad news, as does Jamie 

Doug Ross has some ugly truths, and Doug Powers has Obama’s revenge while DaTech Guy has a prescription for us. Cassy Fiano: Stupak and a Weasel walk into a bar 

Carol has optimism in her closet! Bob has fighting on his mind. Bluegrass Pundit has plank walking on his, and BCB has the Road to Hell on his, as does Babalu 

Dave C tells us how….. Clifton has a call for repeal, and Donald Douglas has a sad image. American Glob has just one word, so does A Conservative Shemale

6 thoughts on “ObamaCare, the Day After link-a-round”

  1. I am optimistic. Over at Potluck, Quite Rightly pointed out that offense wins the war. Well, we are at war and I am ready to go on offense. The Dems have overplayed their hand and it is going to come back and bite them real hard.

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