5 thoughts on “Is Patriotism More Than A Word To You? If So, Then Share This Speech Repeatedly… Until November”

  1. A dead neoliberalist is a true “Patriot”? Wow. I didn’t know you could link an ideology to patriotism. Take it to it’s extreme (like you’ve done in your tags by using “marxist morons” to describe anyone who doesn’t agree with you) and you are left with a Country that is simply right winged, all Reaganite politicians. Which, is disastrously undemocratic. As is suggesting that anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the horrors of neoliberalism, is not a Patriot. Typical right winged bullshit. The World is growing sick of it.

    1. Yes, Reagan was a patriot, so are many Liberals, even though they are just flat wrong.
      And no, I do not label anyone who disagrees with me a Marxist Moron. I DO label those who are stupid enough to still believe in that deluded ideology as morons though. Where is your tolerance?

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