If it is Saturday, then…………

Saturday means two things for me, first, it means no work, and a day to go get a cold beer, and some wings, maybe a steak, or burger. I wonder how long such activities will remain legal under ObamaCare? But, Saturday also means giving out some linky love, so……….

Irish Cicero, has been very kind, very kind indeed! A big h/t to the Reb

One of the things I most look forward to is giving my niece, Savannah Grace, the gift of Loony Tunes videos when she is a older. Those cartoons were the best and Cassandra shares my appreciation of them.

Need another reason to hate ObamaCare? Lance proivides one named the IRS

Theo opines that a bit of window breaking is in order

Stacy notes that the fight against ObamaCare is alive and very well

Mike offers up Isla Fisher hotness to make some crucial points! Ever heard of brains AND beauty?

Russ offers up a fine speech from Paul Ryan, READ IT!

What did Wyatt Earp think of Jesse James? Find out at SYLGF

Stormbringer offers up some fine choices to replace our current Democratic Marxist Congressdouches with!

Pat is ALL OVER the health care front

Smash Mouth Politics likes my taste in bumper stickers

Sister Toldjah asks an easy question

Damage control time?

Ruby has CHAOS!

Dan Riehl looks at Obama vs the Supreme Court

Jill offers up some Mark Steyn wisdom

Obi’s Sister, writing at Potluck, reminds us about what happens when we Americans get PO’D

William Teach asks if ObamaCare is soooooo great then……

Paco, hits a grand slam!

Carol of No Sheeples is still talking Sweater Puppies

Steve wants to0 freak out Liberals

MNR has cheerleaders who are, sadly NOT naked

Michelle has the list of all the proposed amendments to the health care bill

Liberal Guy has a timely cartoon

Jumping in Pools has a nice link round up

Interesting News Items has your daily dose of humor

Ed  Morrissey has some health care updates

Steve Burri is also poking fun at Speaker FaceLift

Government Mess has a good video

How stupid are some Libs? Founding bloggers has video evidence

Mike of Fishersville has a new blog to check out

Jamie has a small preview of ObamaCare

Carol of the Closet notes a tragedy

Bob jumps on the Pelosi-Bashing Bandwagon of Fun!

Dave C is linking furiously

Clifton has the scoop on Democratic deception

Donald Douglas has a must see video

American Glob honored Ireland!

Via Obi’s Sister and Mako Snark comes this bit of greatness










The Resistance, of which I am a proud member, is helping to lead the charge against the Marxist hordes, go have a look.

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