Thank You Saturday Link Fest

Time for some thanks to those blogs who link here, blogroll me and Ed, and have helped this blog grow.

A Conservative Shemale has the good sense to blogroll us, and for that, we say thanks

Chris, of Wyblog, and one of my partners over at The Resistance is feeling motivated today.

American Glob blogrolls us too, and has some great content

Donald Douglas, of American Power links often, and has one of the best blogs going, definitely a daily stop for me

My other blog, What Would the Founding Fathers Do is a work in progress for me, stop by and comment or something will ya?

The Washington Rebel is a tremendous blog, babes, humor, insightful posts, and lots more, another must see.

Clifton, AKA Another Black Conservative,recently honored this blog as their blog of the day, and we thank him for his kindness. His place is also invaluable for those looking for good coverage of the ongoing health care douchebaggery

Warner Todd Huston, helps out at WWTFFD and has a great blog. Here he is keeping an eye on unions

Cassandra blogrolls us, and has some great stuff. Today she is pondering what in the Hell the Girl Scouts are thinking?

Dave C of At the Point of a Gun links here often, and hates Nanny Staters as much as Ed and I do

One of the first blogs to link us was Babalu Blog, where they are always reporting on the horrid condition of liberty in Cuba

Lance, AKA TrogloPundit has a twisted sense of humor I admire greatly. Take this picture for instance.







TOTUS links us, and has a story that wil make you say WTF?

Bob Belvedere of The Camp of the Saints is one of best bloggers going today, he links us often, so he obviously recognizes greatness. Today, Bob posts some VERY questionable content though.

In Carol’s Closet, you will find many things, like this great post

Theo Spark is headed towards the Blogging Hall of Fame, and not JUST BECAUSE they blogroll us.

The Resistance, a new group blog I am very proud to be a member of, is a great place to keep an eye on Nanny Staters and other vermin

For anyone wanting to keep an eye on the climate change clowns, The Daily Bayonet is your blog!

Doug Ross, is, well, in its own class of awesomeness!

The Other McCain? Another Hall of Famer! I mean, just check out their analysis of the “Tea Party/Evangelical spilt”

Mike, The Classic Liberal, is also blogging at The Resistance, and honored us with an automotivator yesterday!

Jamie Jeffords has been a good friend, and we thank him

Mike of Fishersville, is going Loony Tunes on Obama

Yet another ally at The Resistance is Russ of That’s Right, who exposes more raaaaacism

Wyatt Earp, of Support Your Local Gunfighter is also no fan of food Nazis!

Government Mess notes this blog often, AND recognizes that Tom Hanks is a moron

Steve Burri, is getting darned good at that photo shop stuff

Pat Austin is a teacher, currently on Spring Break, yet, she still has time to link  The DaleyGator

Smash Mouth Politics likes Jim DeMint, AND this blog! Sweet!

The founding Bloggers blogrolls us, and still has time to expose government waste

Guns and Bikinis has guns, bikinis, AND links us!

Sister Toldjah, who I have a gigantic crush on, recognizes a principled Democrat

Rusty? He rocks!

Honesty in Motion likes us too

Interesting News Items? Now THAT is funny!

Jumping in Pools has honored us several times, and offers a reading list

Pundit & Pundette are simply awesome, here they look at the power-hungry vermin

Potluck?  True feminist blogging!

Pixie Place II loves us too. Thanks!

Liberal Guy honors us in his links, AND likes baby elephants

Mind Numbed Robot, is another ally at The Resistance, and a force to be reckoned with

Steve at Motor City Times, is also blogging at The Resistance, and linking here, AND, honoring a Founding Father

Thanks to William Teach, who links often

Obi’s Sister? You gotta like her work

Carol? No Sheeples? A great friend! 

Not One Red Cent? A group blog I contribute to, and a blog that keeps the heat on RINO types!

Ruby Slippers has shown us great kindness, and we thank her for that!

8 thoughts on “Thank You Saturday Link Fest”

  1. 1)You can’t avert your eyes from the horrors of life.

    2) Thanks for the linky love.

    Col. ‘Bob’ Kurtz

  2. Thanks for the link. Always a pleasure! Tomorrow is my blogiversary, so be sure to check in – who knows what will happen.

    GT just beat NC State, so Carol will get her wish of her Blue Devils stomping the crap out of them in the ACC final. Any day Tech loses is a great day for America.

  3. I don’t know much about link fest, but thanks for the links and for having TOTUS and Guns and Bikinis on your links, I don’t get around much so consumed with other work. Big Gator fan however, except when they play LSU. Been a tiger fan since my dad took me to my first game many years ago in Death Valley!

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