OMG! There is salt in restaurants? OMG!

Government Mess has a video of a Nanny Stater who is seeking to control salt in restaurants. Yes Salt! In the name of “saving lives” this walking brain donor would fine chefs $1,000 for using salt in recipes. Here is the video.

OK, I note two VERY obvious things here. First of all this scumbag is lying about what the bill would do. He keeps saying it just gives patrons the right to “discuss” the sodium content of menu items. Bullshit! They have that right now. People make specific requests when ordering all the time, there is no need for a law “giving” them the right to do what they already do.

Second, why in the Hell doesn’t the Fox anchor ASK about that? He just lets this Nanny Stater keep repeating that lie. It is the obvious question, for God’s sake ask it! He also does not ask about where the fine comes in if this bill is merely to let Patrons inquire about sodium content.

My friends, like these parasites just keep chipping away don’t they? How long until you will have to have get bgovernment approval to eat out? Yes, I know tat sounds absurd. But, then again, how absurd is banning salt in restaurants?

3 thoughts on “OMG! There is salt in restaurants? OMG!”

  1. Okay, perhaps I’m overreacting… feeling a little bitchy these days, primarily because of the Democreeps in Congress.

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