Just call Bob Belvedere by his new name, Fisk!

Bob does a thorough job of fisking Rick Moran of The Right Wing Nut House

Rick Moron Moran, conservative impersonator, for the twaddle he published on his blog, Rightwing Nuthouse [Oh!  A moron in a nuthouse!  Fancy that.], wherein he claims that too many conservatives [the real kind] suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome because ‘entire segments of their overall critique of President Obama are hysterically exaggerated fantasies, nonsensical assumptions and “truths” that bear no resemblance to the facts’.  As evidence he offers what he calls eight popular myths about our Fearless Leader.  The whole posting is one bad acid trip, but here are two highlights [emphasis mine]:

Bob, good job sir! Moran, in my view, falls into the Squishy Conservative category. He supports Conservative ideals, to a point, then his convictions, or perhaps his spine fails him. He rejects calling Obama a Marxist for example, yet, Obama’s actions/ideals/associations raise serious questions about his true ideological leanings. In short, Moran seems afraid of what the other side might say of him. He ought to be bright enough to understand that the Liberals will never offer him any credibility, or cut him any slack, no matter what he says or writes.

The difference, between Bob, uh, sorry, Fisk and Rick is this. Fisk, cares not a damn what the Left says of him, he has more important things to do, like fighting for his ideals.

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