Is Lindsey Graham the most useless Republican?

It is a question I have been pondering lately. It seems that every time you turn around there is Lindsey, trying to stick a knife in your back. The Classic Liberal has a good post up today that illustrates the uselessness of Sen. Graham.

The federal government just can’t quench its thirst for power and control.

Now, under the false flag of immigration reform, Lindsey Graham and his fellow progressive Chuck Schumer, want to force all Americans to carry a biometric ID card!

Ah, Senator Gramnesty strikes again. Comprehensive immigration reform is a sham, and amnesty. Graham obviously holds no interest in protecting national sovereignty, or securing our borders, and this idea of a “National ID Card” ought to give any sane person pause.

As Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are working on a Senate version of comprehensive immigration reform and it includes a very controversial idea. There is a provision in the draft bill to force all Americans to possess a biometric ID card. Sources on Capitol Hill confirm to Big Government that the idea of a national ID card is part of the comprehensive immigration reform bill being negotiated between Graham and Schumer.

For those who mistrust big government and treasure freedom, this idea should be revolting and a shocking example of a bad idea run wild. American citizens’ freedoms have been eroding over the past few years, yet this idea is much more than an erosion of rights. It is an all out assault on the idea that Americans have a natural right to be free of government monitoring

Absolutely correct. This is about Big Brother, and Graham, ought to know better. and, sadly, he likely does, which is why he is the most useless of all the Republicans. He is a Republican addicted to acting like a Liberal. Every time you think Lindsey has turned the corner, he put on his Liberal hat and starts getting freaky with Liberal asshats like Schumer.

Michelle has a tidy run down of Senator Useless’s Dances with Democrats act.

He’s holding hands with John Kerry to push carbon caps and unrepentant global warming cultism.

He’s collaborating with the White House to close down Gitmo.

And he’s schmoozing with Chuckie Schumer on another illegal alien amnesty campaign — an effort that has been in the works for months.

See my friends. With Republicans like this, fighting against us, who needs Democrats?

South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham is a flop. He pretends to be a conservative, but sells out conservatives and insults them while doing so. He pretends to be effective at reaching across party lines, but the only thing he effectively does is help the other party. He inhabits the Senate seat of Strom Thurmond, legendary for great attention to his South Carolina constituents, but Graham spends most of his time trailing behind John McCain like a valet as McCain criss-crosses the country in pursuit of the presidency. He called Ted Kennedy “one of the most principled men I’ve ever met.” In sum, in the words of conservative movement stalwart Richard Viguerie, “Lindsey Graham is part of the problem.”

What, for example, could possibly have possessed Graham, in April of 2006, to write an essay for Time magazine about the virtues of Hillary Clinton? He called her “a smart, prepared, serious senator.” She is “sought out by her colleagues to form legislative partnerships.” She has managed to “build unusual political alliances with…conservatives.”

He praises liberals, but reserves particular venom for conservatives who disagree with him. The most infamous example came at a speech to the utterly radical Hispanic group La Raza — it was bad enough that he spoke to them, much less what he said — when he described what he would do to opponents of the awful immigration proposal he helped Ted Kennedy craft: “We’re going to tell the bigots to shut up.” The idea that only a bigot could oppose the Kennedy amnesty plan was a recurring theme with Graham: On This Week, he told George Stephanopoulos that opponents were like those in earlier years who put up signs that said “No Catholics, no Jews, no Irish need apply.”

MEANWHILE, GRAHAM deserves every bit of abuse conservatives can heap on him for his record on judicial nominees, which swings back and forth between pathetically ineffective and absolutely counterproductive. Of his leading role in the “Gang of 14,” which saved the Democrats’ unprecedented option of filibustering President Bush’s nominees, Graham clearly thought his gesture of goodwill would win him some chits with Democrats. Think again. Right now his home circuit, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, suffers from the most serious official “judicial emergency” in the country, with only 10 of the 15 seats filled.

Again and again, Graham has stood by helplessly, without seeming to lift a finger in public protest, as Fourth Circuit nominees have been hung out to dry — except for the time (more on this later) when he himself was the enthusiastic hangman. Even though he sits on the Judiciary Committee, he cannot even secure a hearing for his home-state nominee, the superbly qualified, Reagan Administration veteran Steve Matthews, who has been waiting for eight solid months. On the other hand, more aggressive Republicans on the committee have had far more success: For instance, John Cornyn of Texas has effectively shepherded Texans Jennifer Elrod and Catherina Hayes to confirmation since the Democrats re-took the Senate majority — and without once sucking up to the Democrats to do it.

USELESS! Utterly useless! Lindsey Graham is like a screen door in a sub-marine, like an elevator in an outhouse, like tits on a boar, he is a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, he is, Lindsey Graham, but as far as Conservatism is concerned, he might as well be Lindsay Lohan.

Cross-posted at The Resistance

5 thoughts on “Is Lindsey Graham the most useless Republican?”

  1. Glen Beck has really laid out what it means to be a Progressive. It seems they exist in both the Democratic and Republican Parties. Progressives got into both parties when it was not fashionable to be a Communist or a Marxist. They changed their name but not their philosophy. Their objective is to radically transform American into a Marxist country like Venezuela by collapsing the economy, thus making the people dependent upon the government. In Obama’s own book he states he surrounds himself with the Marxist Professors. His mentor while a teenager was on the FBI watch list as a Communist. He has surrounded himself in Washington with admitted Communist, Marxist, or Mao supporters. You wouldn’t think that a Republican would be a Progressive, but if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck………

  2. Just an added thought. Isn’t John McCain and Lindsey Graham a lot alike? Why is Sarah Palin supporting him in Arizona when the Tea Party is supporting the “other guy”? I don’t think that was a well thought out decision.

  3. As a South Carolina, Tea Party supporter, I vow to do all within my power to make sure that this is Lindsay Graham’s last time in office of any kind. He is a disgrace. I don’t know one person (and he is from my area of the state) who has anything nice to say about him right now. He is just as bad as Pelosi & Reed.

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