The Conservative Bloggers Debate Round 2

The topic? Sarah Palin, the debaters, Mind Numbed Robot has that info

This week’s subject is Sarah Palin!
Debate participants include T. Christopher from
Republican Redefined, and Don from Present Discontent and Conservative Hideout 2.0.

And the first question is

Present economic conditions being what they are (9.7% unemployment; projected 1.5 trillion budget deficit; skyrocketing national debt; etc.) what impact, if any, do you think Sarah Palin’s prior actions as governor or policy pronouncements more recently, would have on any given specific economic indicator or the economy in general? Don’t feel restrained to the indicators given in your answer. Specific examples of her implemented policies/pronouncements are encouraged but not necessarily required.

8 thoughts on “The Conservative Bloggers Debate Round 2”

  1. You know, Mr. Gator Sir,
    I really did think that you were in my blogroll. Bookmarks yes. Blogroll, no. I’m happy to report that the unfortunate oversight has been fixed.

    1. Well, I have not yet read your response, I am a fan of Palin, so I might disagree with your take. I am still angry that more Repubs did not support Fred Thompson myself. Oh well.

  2. Speaking of Fred, I bought some yard signs from his campaign. The day they arrived was the day he dropped out. 😦 I still have a coffee cup though… No consolation.

    1. Still have all the hats, sweatshirt, etc. He was the only candidate in recent memory who actually sounded like a leader, No spin, no BS, which is why I liked him. I wish his wife would run

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