Should Conservative/Libertarian blogs hold a blogathon for Charles Johnson?

So he could maybe buy a freaking clue!

Speaking of paranoid narcissists, remember when Charles Johnson called the Pentagon shooter an “anti-government right wing extremist of the Ron Paulian persuasion”Wrong again, Chuckles. John Patrick Bedell was a dopehead peacenik loser of the “No Blood for Oil” persuasion who slowly descended into paranoid psychosis:

Bedell . . . had vigorously objected to the government’s role in the 1991 Persian Gulf War since high school, telling relatives that the United States was trying to enrich itself and oil companies, said his brother, 33-year-old Jeffrey Bedell.

But, in about 2002, after the breakup of a long-term relationship with a girlfriend, his skepticism began to turn to deep-rooted suspicion. And soon it became paranoia, his brother said.

Patrick would point skyward, convinced that “they” were watching him. He believed songs he heard on the radio were meant as warnings.  . . .

“There were symptoms of a mental disorder, approaching paranoid schizophrenia,” said Jeffrey Bedell, a former California deputy attorney general who is a financial adviser. . . .

Patrick was perpetually in and out of school, enrolling in undergraduate or graduate programs and sometimes auditing courses. Jeffrey could not recall whether he had worked anywhere. . . .

The Bedells pleaded with him to seek medical help, but he refused. “I would have conversations with him, trying to convince him to stop smoking marijuana, that it was making his thinking more disordered, but he was not receptive to that,” Jeffrey said.

People like Chucky boy are so desperate to cast blame and discredit those “right wingers” that he ends up making a complete ass of himself over and again. He has become, or maybe he always was, a knee-jerk, reactionist, Leftist tool who, is all about blasting anyone whom he disagrees with. Forget substance, forget facts, reason, or evidence Chucky! Just lash out and blame every random act of insanity on those knuckle-dragging, Bible thumping, gun-toting right wingers. I wonder how long until we see Chucky sucking up to Olbermann, or Maddow on MSNBS? Perhaps that is his aim? His own TV show, where he can share his delusional fantasies with the Bill Mahers and Jeneane Garafalos of the world. That would just suit him wouldn’t it?

It is sad, Charles Johnson used to be something, but now? He is just another classless, clueless, ranting douchebag who is just loony enough to believe his own BS.

9 thoughts on “Should Conservative/Libertarian blogs hold a blogathon for Charles Johnson?”

  1. I think we should try do do something about the places that are obsessed with Johnson.

    The best I can think of is to take them of my daily “Read” list.

    Unless I lose my list again, this will be your final warning.

  2. I for one cannot get enough of Charles Johnson bashing because I know he reads everything that is written about him.

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